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[Yes I am counting this as one of my defunct (delayed) 100 Things posts, my topic of choice having been "fictional characters who have affected me." If the pictures don't explain that sufficiently, we're probably not very well acquianted.]
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  Mairon: Huinárë, we need to talk.
  Me: Yes, I know, I'll work on it tonight, I promise.
  Mairon: Your promises tend to be empty, yet this was not what I wished to speak about. I wanted to bring your attention to the fact that you appear to have named our latest story after a series of collectors' plates.
  Me: ... Well technically, the story title has a definite article in front of it whereas these plates don't, and also their gardens are plural and ours is singular.
  Mairon: It's close enough to be embarrassing. Although, this one isn't half bad.  I require the Cranes of Eternal Life.

  Me: I am not buying you a collectible plate.
  Mairon: You do not think I deserve a collectible plate?
  Me: Okay, how about Goldfinches of Virtue?

  Mairon: We're done here.
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I think it's hilarious because the 'shop is so bad in the second image.  And also because he doesn't look happy to be there at all.  He looks like he's saying, "What in Melkor's name is this?  Guys, I never said I was straightedge.  All things in moderation.  Get away from me, gah!"

Also, tumblr thinks this Steve Aoki guy looks like young!Saruman. )
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I meant to draw and post a motivational cartoon around mid-month, but (while you are all plugging away at multiple-thousand avg daily word counts) apparently this fairly simply task was beyond me.  So, with four or five days left to go depending where you live, I offer my admiration and encouragement of your endeavors in the form of more sea-poms.

Congrats to those who have already met their official word count and are continuing beyond that, and to those who aren't there yet, I know you'll get there.  I've been quite impressed with the progress I've seen you guys reporting on.

So have some more anemones, hell, have a whole bloody seascape:
Ah, screw it, have a starlet anemone, looking fabulous as always:
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- Watching Tibetan sky burials on youtube totally counts as doing anthropology homework, right?

- Huzzah, new artist!crush. Lucy Nurnberg.

Geography of Death III

- I've been considering the nature of some of Tolkien's inventions I hadn't much thought about before, e.g. Balrogs. 
Blathering on the nature of the Valaraucar. )

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Apparently The Old Vic was touring Richard III about a year ago and they stopped within a day trip of me.  Were this now instead of a year ago, I would probably say screw it and spend more money I don't have on getting the train there and seeing it, because my attitude to $ v. Quality of Life is starting to shift.  I've never had money and I've never done things normal adults have done, like go to a concert.  I shit you not, I have never been to a concert.

Anyway, the cool thing about this was that Richard III is my favorite play of all time, and Kevin Spacey was starring and I admire the hell out of Kevin Spacey.  I've enjoyed everything I've seen him in, Shakespeare or otherwise, and he's an avid Shakespearean.

Cue obsessive raving about Shakespeare obscurities that probably only interest me, but also with pictures of some familiar faces doing Shakespeare. =D )

And you thought it was bad when I spazzed about Tolkien..


Jan. 6th, 2012 03:12 pm
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I'm told today is Epiphany. I'm also told that this, among other things, commemorates the visit of the Magi to the infant Jesus.

I love the Magi and have since I was a wee lass. They're totally my archetype. Also, their song was always my favorite.


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