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I finished the final chapter of my shortish story, 'The Maia and Aulendili.' I'm rather pleased with the story overall.

Summary of last chapter: Saruman sees Celebrimbor, and possibly wishes he hadn't.

Curumo: Can you not.
Huin: Sry.
Curumo: I doubt it.
Huin: I drew you?
Curumo: That does not begin to make up for any of this.
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  Mairon: Huinárë, we need to talk.
  Me: Yes, I know, I'll work on it tonight, I promise.
  Mairon: Your promises tend to be empty, yet this was not what I wished to speak about. I wanted to bring your attention to the fact that you appear to have named our latest story after a series of collectors' plates.
  Me: ... Well technically, the story title has a definite article in front of it whereas these plates don't, and also their gardens are plural and ours is singular.
  Mairon: It's close enough to be embarrassing. Although, this one isn't half bad.  I require the Cranes of Eternal Life.

  Me: I am not buying you a collectible plate.
  Mairon: You do not think I deserve a collectible plate?
  Me: Okay, how about Goldfinches of Virtue?

  Mairon: We're done here.

FSC: Day 7

Jan. 7th, 2014 11:40 pm
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Day Seven
In your own space, create a fanwork. A drabble, a ficlet, a podfic, or an icon, art or meta or a rec list. A picspam. Something.


I intended, for this, to write a story inspired a couple months ago by a song and living in my head since. That isn't what happened, as usual.  Instead I drew Mairon as I imagine him in the as-yet-unwritten story.  As might be expected, he doesn't have the most socially acceptable  reasons for looking vaguely smug and contemplative.

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[ profile] bunn kindly apprised me of the existence of this Bombadil speculation.


- Many of the respondents have taken this way too seriously (particularly Mr. Osborne on pg. 6).   I don't see any assertion on the author's part that this interpretation is the best one or even a tenable one; I just see a wonderfully creative and unique (albeit dark--but obviously that's why I like it) approach to Old Tom here.

- This seriously would make for an excellent "AU" story.  I'd read the h*ll out of it.

- An anon on pg 5 says: Doctor Who related commentary, cut for space )

- This caused me to (I think re-) read this one: "Who Is Tom Bombadil?"  So now I'm just going to say that "Tom and Goldberry are actually Aulë and Yavanna" makes least sense to me out of all the speculations.  Aulë?  I'll accept the "Tom is Eru" line before I accept a conflation of Aulë with Tom Bombadil.

- I just wrote a crack!thing.  It's not fancy, but it's the first thing I've written in weeks and it addresses my thoughts on the Aulë-as-Bombadil speculation more amusingly than a nonfiction rant would.
Sauron and Saruman weigh in on Bombadil )
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I'm in a way better mood today.  I think it has more than a bit to do with the fact that I started my B2Me story last night.  Yes, singular, I'm just doing one story, which I anticipate might fall into the 10,000-20,000 word range if I do manage to finish what I start for once.  Among other things, I was feeling crappy that I wanted to start a new story when I have so many unfinished ones giving me the evil eye from out of their dusty corners.  But then I realized that I was enthusiastic about and inspired by my Númenor plot bunny, so why the crap not just do it?

It's going to have multiple POVs and probably various narrative styles, which ought to keep me entertained.  I started it last night with a bit from Aulë's POV.

I think Mairon will have something to say today.  Am debating doing first person Mairon, which I have never done and I don't know if it's a good idea because his personality is so drastically different from mine that I always feel like it would be invasive and insensitive of me to presume to get inside his head.  (I've never had a character who actually intimidates me before, to say nothing of intimidating all my typical POV characters.)

The challenge--well, this often is the challenge for me--will be not to get bogged down in geophysical considerations.  I should especially stay far, far away from researching whether there are any possible ways for a continental microplate to exist in the midst of a bunch of oceanic crust.  There are other ways to solve this without spending the better part of a day in research.
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I've been thinking for a while that Petyr Baelish sounds a lot like "my" Mairon would sound (not looks like, mind, he could hardly look more dissimilar).  Beginning to rewatch season 2 of Game of Thrones just kind of confirmed that via a scene where Baelish is being particularly manipulative with a crying employee.  Yeah, that's definitely the timbre and inflection of Huinarium!Mairon.  =D

Scene in question starts ~3:!0.  It's GoT so this should probably go without saying, but the below video contains dark subject matter, graphic nudity & c.  And obviously spoilers for those who haven't seen S2 and are concerned with such.

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So this tower called "Perrott's Folly" is allegedly Tolkien's inspiration for Orthanc.  I'm...not sure I see it, other than that it's a tall, isolated tower, but okay. 

Then there's this article of questionable coherence, which claims the above, and also has a picture that proves the Mail must not have even the mildest Tolkien geek on staff.  How embarrassing for them.
Curumo rants. )

Mairon =D

Jul. 10th, 2012 07:54 pm
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Good lord, this seemed to take me forever, but I finally managed to draw Mairon (pre-LoTR Sauron for those who don't share my particular character fixations) and have it turn out somewhat like I picture him.

The smirk. I am so happy I got the smirk out of my head and onto paper. )
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It was inevitable that something like this brief satircal thingy would issue from my brain, but it didn’t seriously occur to me to post it until I noticed Pandemonium had recently had a birthday.  

Happy-somewhat-belated-birthday, Pandë!

Voici. )
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| I remarked in the last Tolkien_Weekly challenge about insufficient space to elaborate on an aspect of a drabble series I’d just wrapped. Dwimordene happened to set this bait: “False dawn light.” Thank you indeed for the prompt, Dwim; I found it a bit too ideal and ran down the street dragging it like a manic pit-bull until 1500 words of something quite distinct from the drabble series twitched in my wake. In token of appreciation, and because I’d have wanted to anyway, I’ve incorporated an element in which we seem to have a mutual interest. |

Wherein Sauron’s vexation is made manifest after Gandalf’s escape from Saruman’s roof. Alludes to Unfinished Tales, “The Hunt for the Ring” narrative C. Alludes also to Huinárian fanon, which includes spherical!Arda and imaginative (yet I’d like to think, not untenable) extrapolation of Saruman’s history. Since my predilections are untrammeled by word limits, one can expect general morbidness and philosophical brooding, vague descriptions of torment, a depressing happening, and a random shift in narrative perspective.

Standard disclaimer and other notes. )

Story. )
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Thanks to a discussion elsewhere re: Caliban and Gollum, I am suddenly making very fascinating connections between Prospero and Sauron. Seriously. I doubt it was intended, but there are weird similarities. This is the kind of thing that makes me want to major in lit so that I can write a crazy 12-page paper on it.

Dammit, I don't have time for this. I need to go beg posterboard for a sign for tabling this weekend, pick up my library book, and off to class, and then off to rehearse some Shakespeare incidentally. Get out of my head, Prospauron (yes, I went there, people expect more dignity from me but I enjoy smashing words together).


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