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*boring philosophical discussion*
*someone gets eviscerated*
*boring philosophical discussion*
*someone becomes/dissects/kills/discusses an animal*
*boring philosophical discussion*
*people get really drunk*
*someone gets flayed*
*boring philosophical discussion*
*someone experiences unimaginable mental and/or physical anguish*
*awkward interaction that even the author doesn't know whether it's UST or just awkwardness*
*boring philosophical discussion*
*aggressive geophysics and/or natural landscapes*
*someone gets immolated*
*boring philosophical discussion*
*damned if you know what anyone looks like even now, except their eyes which you will know entirely too much about*
*people get really drunk*
*pretension of variable nature*
*someone gets horrifically mutilated*
*boring philosophical discussion*
*everyone is dead or wishes they were*

Although satirical, this is not altogether inaccurate, especially if one has access to a broad sample including WIPs.
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  Mairon: Huinárë, we need to talk.
  Me: Yes, I know, I'll work on it tonight, I promise.
  Mairon: Your promises tend to be empty, yet this was not what I wished to speak about. I wanted to bring your attention to the fact that you appear to have named our latest story after a series of collectors' plates.
  Me: ... Well technically, the story title has a definite article in front of it whereas these plates don't, and also their gardens are plural and ours is singular.
  Mairon: It's close enough to be embarrassing. Although, this one isn't half bad.  I require the Cranes of Eternal Life.

  Me: I am not buying you a collectible plate.
  Mairon: You do not think I deserve a collectible plate?
  Me: Okay, how about Goldfinches of Virtue?

  Mairon: We're done here.
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Apparently it's been nearly a year since the inaugural (and only) Character Song Review Minute.  Unacceptable!

I think there are drabbles/ficlets I ought to be commenting on, but my focus has been scattered, so pardon my indulging in cracked-outedness instead.  I'll get back to serious business one of these days, hand to Melkor.  In the meantime, the characters and I review a remixed rendition of "Eyes of Fire" by Blue Foundation.

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Thanks to those of you who indulged me and concocted some questions for me for this silliness.
That was a bit of cracked out diversion I rather needed.  Some of my scenarios were very short, and others got more involved.

Gandalf loves booze and literature, Draugluin is screwed, Mairon would rather be canoeing, and other stupid adventures:

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So this tower called "Perrott's Folly" is allegedly Tolkien's inspiration for Orthanc.  I'm...not sure I see it, other than that it's a tall, isolated tower, but okay. 

Then there's this article of questionable coherence, which claims the above, and also has a picture that proves the Mail must not have even the mildest Tolkien geek on staff.  How embarrassing for them.
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So I went on a complete mental tangent off one of [ profile] pandemonium_213's comments (concerning a mask), and began imagining my really originally-titled “Of Draugluin” as a Broadway musical.  Once I realized I had several actual song titles of the cracky persuasion in mind, I decided to just indulge my stupid sense of humor and create a whole cracky Broadway musical tracklist for the WIP to date.  

People who write stuff, please swipe this idea, because I want to see other crack!Broadway soundtracks to other peoples’ fics. =D

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I've noticed the people in my head sometimes have strong opinions about songs I like I have an irredeemably over-active imagination.  Thus is born Character Song Review Minute.  Huzzah.

To kick this crap off, the characters and I visit "Hard Way Home" by Brandi Carlile.

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I seem to remember I 'promised' myself I'd finish this before May.  Mark this, universe, the promises of Huinárë are shoddy.

I left the wizards on the road at least 10 weeks ago, having never read the whole thing through start to end.  They're finally moving again.  Aside from adding a new chapter (19), I recently redid Ch 16 because it needed to happen, tweaked Ch 18, and combed the whole bloody thing for typos and foibles.

For anyone interested in the further shenanigans of the Istari, this is where that occurs.

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