FSC: Day 1

Jan. 2nd, 2014 04:51 pm
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[I was a bit late in deciding to do this, so another one might pop up later today (officially Day 2).  I'm having a hard time seeing "Snowflake Challenge" without thinking of trolls who like to call anyone who disagrees with them a "special snowflake," but I suppose I'll get over it.]

Day One
In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created. It can be your favorite fanworks that you've created, or fanworks you feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.


- "Saruman's Housewarming Party"
Drabble series written in Sep-Oct, 2011, for the Tolkien_weekly LJ community's "Facial Expressions" challenge.  Featuring Gandalf, Radagast, an avian OC, and a disgruntled (?) Saruman.  This is notable for: being the first fic I posted online and completed; wizards, esp. Saruman, which are one group of characters I'm known (in the event that I'm known at all) for; generally establishing the semi-humorous tone I tend to use when I'm writing about the Istari interacting with each other.

Begun during the same era as the above in an attempt to write a short story (at the time, aside from those drabbles, I'd only ever written novels).  Obviously that did not go as planned and it is still in progress...I swear I'll update it eventually!
In my 'verse, the being called Draugluin was originally a Maia.  The tale chronicles how he ended up in his wolfish situation and what followed.  Mairon does a lot of upstaging; Ancalagon and, er, someone who goes on to become one of the Ithryn Luin, put in significant appearances.  Fairly dark, but the worst of the content warnings only apply to one specific chapter.
This is notable for: being the first fic I posted any of online; establishing a good deal of what occurs in my 'verse during the Years of the Trees; being my most typical work in terms of narration, mood, themes, devices, etc; the characters associated with Utumno and Angband, which are the other group I'm known (in the event that I'm known at all) for.
Short crack!fic written for Back to Middle-earth Month 2012, a time of much wondrous insanity, in response to a particular prompt on the "crack!pairings" bingo card.  This spoofs a gossip magazine article, speculating about the breakup of...well, I'll leave that up to you to infer from the title, or to discover by reading.  This is notable for: placing first in the "Favorite Crack!fic" category in the Many Paths to Tread archive's 2012 Tree and Flower Awards.
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So I went on a complete mental tangent off one of [livejournal.com profile] pandemonium_213's comments (concerning a mask), and began imagining my really originally-titled “Of Draugluin” as a Broadway musical.  Once I realized I had several actual song titles of the cracky persuasion in mind, I decided to just indulge my stupid sense of humor and create a whole cracky Broadway musical tracklist for the WIP to date.  

People who write stuff, please swipe this idea, because I want to see other crack!Broadway soundtracks to other peoples’ fics. =D

Original cast recording =P )
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- Watching Tibetan sky burials on youtube totally counts as doing anthropology homework, right?

- Huzzah, new artist!crush. Lucy Nurnberg.

Geography of Death III

- I've been considering the nature of some of Tolkien's inventions I hadn't much thought about before, e.g. Balrogs. 
Blathering on the nature of the Valaraucar. )

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I've been pretty stymied in terms of writing lately.  Last night I finally got going again on the Draugluin story and suddenly the motivation and manic feeling are back!  So much so that I even wrote a bit this morning, and that's unusual since I'm not a morning writer (I'm not a morning anything, actually).

Now part of this was just being willing to say "screw you, I can't work on you all at once" to my other stories that I've been neglecting, so that I could concentrate on one without feeling guilty.  Like many people around here these days, I seem to have way too many works in progress on the burner.

But I honestly think that the other part of it was that, after quite a few days of having absolutely nothing scheduled and loads of free time, today is comprised of social activities and obligations.  Last night, the idea of "can't write tomorrow, must write now!" seized me.  This, I suppose, is why I got so much writing done in March even when I was already busy.  Time was at a premium, therefore I seized it.  Somehow, all this free time makes it not matter.  All last semester I had fantasies about writing nonstop all summer, and I've hardly done any such thing.  Lesson: I need to go out and do stuff, not just because I've been isolating lately, but because it's good for my creativity.  Go figure.

Writing music: Prince of Egypt soundtrack instrumental tracks are working well for the current chapter.  This also reminds me that I really like most of the vocal tracks on that album. 
*dances around the room with Draugluin to the happy children's choir part of 'When You Believe'*  Yes, evidently Draugluin likes happy children's choirs.  Why am I not surprised.  I suppose I should be disturbed by the fact that the bloody werewolf is by far my most altruistic character.
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Me and Motivation haven't been the best friends of late, but this weekend conceived another installment of the Draugluin story.  The fellows had been mum for a couple months (evidently they begrudged my administering rum-spiked eggnog lattes to them and making them recite poetry over the holidays). 

However, now they won't shut up, and their sundry angsting and strategizing did not bring the chapter up to the heinously morbid happenstance I'd intended for it.  Come on, people, we have a War of the Powers to suffer through, chop chop.  In any case, Ch 6 will be online this afternoon(ish).
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Probably to avoid doing other things, I've briefly taken up my recurring and futile quest to Quenya-ize the name Draugluin.  As usual, a satisfactory result is not cropping up in my dictionary-combing.  Rácoluin seems to be the nearest in meaning and phonemes, but I really don't like it.
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Debating whether to claim the new "Injuries and Ailments" card for B2MEM.  I must admit, that would probably be an intriguing and relevant catalyst for the next few installments of the Draugluin story, since things are about to get very ugly with that story anyway.  =P
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I can't seem to get the Hobbit trailer to play. %^@$&@%$@ Quicktime. Hopefully it's up on Youtube, but I'm supposed to be going to choir practice, not watching the Hobbit trailer, anyway.

I am dubiously pleased to report that being sick the past couple days and being forced to rest up has resulted in my -finally- reworking Ch 10 of Epic Fic is Epic. The old Ch 10 sucked and was stalling me on any progress for about four months. The new chapter 10 is a huge freaking dramafest. (All is right with the world.)

It's kind of important that these things be reworked, because other, more manageable stuff I write is currently at the same chronological point. The Draugluin story and Epic Fic is Epic have entered into a fun feedback loop, some of the same events from different viewpoints, & c.

Also, I completely don't understand whether today or tomorrow is the Winter Solstice. This is what comes of being dead to the world for two days.

& c.

Nov. 11th, 2011 11:38 am
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I am taken with a sort of semi-manic fatigue lately. The barrage of activities, classes, committees, and gatherings into which I’ve jumped the past couple years--esp. the past six months--might not daunt your average overachiever much, but I’m a lifelong underachiever recently converted. I’m starting to suspect my low energy level can’t handle this indefinitely, and/or that I’ve still not established sustainable methods of time management. The upside is that I barely have time to dwell on anxiety, my confidence has increased exponentially, and I perceive myself as an active and contributing member of my community rather than an unworthy alien. Yet more and more, I get some sense I’ll always be alien in some way, not a bad way per se, but not always in an easy way.

Rambling about writing that I’ve been meaning to post for the better part of a week. )

Why do I get the feeling my winter break is going to consist of a lot of writing, and a lot of reading metric verse aloud in my lair?


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