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- Did research for my LotR G-fic Yule exchange story.
- Read LotR appendices I had somehow managed to have never read before.
- Improved upon my heinous theory about the origins of hobbits.
- Inaugurated my AO3 account with the first of my Gríma drabble series.
- Wrote first drabble for second Gríma drabble series (yep, I've found someone new to pick on),
- Figured out what my take is on Saruman's Orc-breeding program, Uruk-hai, "goblin men," etc.

- Reloaded the laundry card.
- Read three pages of textbook.

... I don't know whether I feel accomplished or completely the opposite.
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- Watching Tibetan sky burials on youtube totally counts as doing anthropology homework, right?

- Huzzah, new artist!crush. Lucy Nurnberg.

Geography of Death III

- I've been considering the nature of some of Tolkien's inventions I hadn't much thought about before, e.g. Balrogs. 
Blathering on the nature of the Valaraucar. )

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For it is said indeed that being embodied the Istari had needs to learn much anew by slow experience, and though they knew whence they came the memory of the Blessed Realm was to them a vision from afar off, for which (so long as they remained true to their mission) they yearned exceedingly.
- UT, "The Istari"

I've been starting to ponder the ramifications of this for my fannish conceptions of the continuity of an Ainu personality.  "My" Ainur could not suffer memory loss or dilution, unless chained to a physical brain which has been conditioned to forget or to remember less.  This leads me to patently creepy conclusions. 

Dude what

Apr. 21st, 2012 12:30 am
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#$@%$!!!!  I'm trying to go to sleep.  I don't need plot bunnies to make me jump out of bed and start pacing.
I wish I could get, like, plot bunnies for my papers.

STFU! =(

Dec. 22nd, 2011 08:27 pm
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You know what annoys me? People who whistle like a bloody tone-deaf teapot in public, loud enough to be heard over blaring piped holiday music AND blaring Requiem for a Dream soundtrack in my earbuds. If you need to do that, go do it in a creepy deserted field or something. So inconsiderate.
There is a darkly satirical plotbunny hopping around this issue. And it is NOT PRETTY.


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