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I have pretty much just loafed around.  Ah well, I actually did a bunch of stuff during the week, so for once I'm somewhat justified.

I did make and upload a bunch of icons, and customized the heck out of my Livejournal.  I find it very pretty now.
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Malvastrum coromandelianum, or false mallow, known in some areas of Mexico as huinare.

Apparently this thing is native to Central America and also likes to invade other warm places worldwide, and its habitat includes lugares perturbados en general.



For the record, my handle is a bad portmanteau of huinë + nárë and was thusly intended to mean something along the lines of "gloomfire." It was originally coined some months before I poked my nose into fandom, when a story got to a point where I perceived the need to coin a word for a phenomenon.  There was this fire that was mainly perceived as being darker than the darkness around it, but also somehow casting a sort of dull weird barely-comprehended light.  I might end up ditching that whole idea, being that very soon after I first implemented it I started rethinking the use of "magical" stuff.  Or maybe it's because at the time I was like "oh hey, I need a handle, how about that word I made up," and now if someone yelled it on the street I'd probably turn around like, "Yeah?"  So maybe I'm also just kind of soured on the fact that if I reread the thing I see my own "name" as it were flung around casually by the characters and that just looks very weird to me now. 
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Why does everyone have to put air conditioning on as soon as the sun comes out?  Can't anything ever be allowed to be warm for a while?

I get lethargic and violently angry when I'm cold.  Yes, both at once.

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So when I went to the bus stop after class, there was this dude in this really cool grey suit (like, distinctive and slightly quirky and old-fashioned, but I don't know what they call the pattern) who also looked like the lovechild of Jamie Jaime [spellitrightyouuselesscur] Lannister and an ex of mine.Me being awkward and making up goofy GoT-related stories in my head )
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So ocassionally I'll notice a woman (in real life or an actress on a show) who pulls this facial expression when her eyebrows sorta lower, except where they instead raise up near the bridge of her nose, usually to convey something unpleasant or baffling.

I like to think I'm good at expressions, but I can't for the life of me reproduce this.  I wonder if it's something to do with a particular arrangment/tendency of muscles on an individual's brow and only some people will naturally do it, or if perhaps it somehow has something to do with eyebrow pencil extending the eyebrow to a place where it seems to move in an interesting way when the muslces underneath move?

Huinárë: asking the deep questions since the 1980's.
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So I was sitting out here in the nice breeze and two people at the table next to me were talking, and the one evoked the rationale laid out in Pascal's Wager.  Frankly it's probably a good thing the fellow didn't leave for the restroom for a minute, because I -would- have turned to the other party and been like, "So yeah, I couldn't help overhearing your friend's apologetics.  His argument is old and it doesn't work. What if you wager on the wrong religion?"  I really do not initiate conversations with strangers often at all, but I wouldn't have been able to bite that one back.

Same guy was heard to say, "Scientists think they know everything."  Now I'm all for believing what one will, but don't let's make assumptions about topics and professionals we clearly know nothing about, eh?
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Dear originator of inspirational raptor falsehood:
Can you hawk (no pun intended) your fine sentiment in some less disrespectful way than spreading misinformation?  If you can't make a point without doing it via a lie, what exactly are you good for?

On drawing

May. 29th, 2012 03:01 pm
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- Two or three evenings ago, I produced a small gaggle of drawings I was very pleased with.  Said drawings have been iconized, but my current attempt to actually use my DeviantArt and place them there is being thwarted by the fact that my internet connection thinks it would be more fun if the site pretended to load indefinitely rather than actually loaded.

- Recently I was making drawings for my friend's kid and, on a whim, drew cub Simba.  I have not drawn cub Simba, nor any other Lion King character, for probably twelve years.  I rather wish I'd taken a picture, because the bloody thing looked as good as my high school drawings, and I'd have thought that after that long it would have been a bit crappy.  Evidently my efforts in jr. high and high school to reproduce certain Disney characters and techniques (I wanted to be an animator firstly, and later a concept artist) resulted in muscle memory for drawing them?  No wonder I still struggle with a particular trending of my drawn characters to have large heads and overly soulful eyes; I've mostly stopped drawing visible irises this past year because I think I need to unlearn detailed eyes before relearning them.

[On a totally unrelated note, I am compelled to express my dissatisfaction with the failure of any of the local thrift stores to be in convenient proximity to a dollar store.  That just seems wrong.]
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- Project Clean And Organize All The Things continues.  The project has been extended to All The Computer Files as well.  I need to spring for an actual mop.  I broke the plastic-and-foam-blob the dollar store provided, sewed it back together with yarn and a tapestry needle, broke it again, and the floor still isn't mopped enough. 

- Messaging a bunch of people I want/need to maintain contact with.  Today is also Pretense At Social Networking Day.

- Continuing the cheery dream trend, this early morning's foray into Imro's realm involved a table, a lion, and a guy with a crowbar.

- I'm liking the 'convert to MP3' Firefox add-on for Youtube!

- A nifty article on the usefulness of fanfiction.  Passing it on from [ profile] lindahoyland's LJ.

Dude what

Apr. 21st, 2012 12:30 am
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#$@%$!!!!  I'm trying to go to sleep.  I don't need plot bunnies to make me jump out of bed and start pacing.
I wish I could get, like, plot bunnies for my papers.
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For the first time in over ten years, I've been inclined to share artwork with The Internet. Once upon a time I was adept at such things, but in that decade+ I have not kept up with the shifting knowledge required to competently deal with the programs involved. I'm progressing in that I found a place to scan the project in question, rather than taking a cheap photo of it with my mobile yet again.

But THIS ONE THING IS MYSTIFYING. When open for editing in either Gimp or MSPaint, the image is 1600x640 when viewed at 100%. It is another, smaller size in the 'windows picture & fax viewer.' I figured, okay, the latter program is being a simpleton--but, it also uploaded to Photobucket in the same smaller size, about 1000x450.
Yet when I right-click on the image file to get its properties, it -does- say it's the first and larger size, 1600x640.

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I had a dream about citrus fruit last night, more specifically about those phenomena which are referred to in this part of the world with equal frequency as "cuties" or "mandarins."

I do not much care for fruit in general. I don't think it tastes bad per se, but somehow unnerving. I woke up direly wanting citrus fruit. Perhaps my physiology is trying to get my attention?
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which has given me
a leak or flooding of unknown origin on my floor,
an arachnid in my bathtub,
and maintenance people who break my picture frame, don't leave a note of apology, and fail to clean up all the glass on my floor.

STFU! =(

Dec. 22nd, 2011 08:27 pm
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You know what annoys me? People who whistle like a bloody tone-deaf teapot in public, loud enough to be heard over blaring piped holiday music AND blaring Requiem for a Dream soundtrack in my earbuds. If you need to do that, go do it in a creepy deserted field or something. So inconsiderate.
There is a darkly satirical plotbunny hopping around this issue. And it is NOT PRETTY.
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I can't seem to get the Hobbit trailer to play. %^@$&@%$@ Quicktime. Hopefully it's up on Youtube, but I'm supposed to be going to choir practice, not watching the Hobbit trailer, anyway.

I am dubiously pleased to report that being sick the past couple days and being forced to rest up has resulted in my -finally- reworking Ch 10 of Epic Fic is Epic. The old Ch 10 sucked and was stalling me on any progress for about four months. The new chapter 10 is a huge freaking dramafest. (All is right with the world.)

It's kind of important that these things be reworked, because other, more manageable stuff I write is currently at the same chronological point. The Draugluin story and Epic Fic is Epic have entered into a fun feedback loop, some of the same events from different viewpoints, & c.

Also, I completely don't understand whether today or tomorrow is the Winter Solstice. This is what comes of being dead to the world for two days.
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Must resist urge to sound like a haughty know-it-all by giving a brief lecture on the taxonomy of ungulates on someone's FB wall.
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This rant has been brewing for about a week, ever since I got a letter from a particular Bloated Credit Provider (hereafter referred to as BCP).

Before I speak of the letter, allow me to explain my history with BCP: I have had a line of credit with them for roughly two years, the majority of which time I would use the card to pay my bills and occasionally buy something off Ebay, and would promptly make a full payment to bring the balance back to zero.
Over the summer, my carefully and dangerously teetering financial situation imploded due to a couple circumstances, and with it my sense of responsible duty. The situation necessitated the borrowing of a loan, which I had spent years cleverly avoiding. Since debt was now an unavoidable circumstance, I expressed my defeat good-naturedly by entering a month or two of lackadaisical money management. For the several ensuing months, I have been lamenting the three-figure outstanding balance. I have only been able to afford to pay about twice the minimum requirement, which, after the bill I still use the card for and the monthly interest accruing, means that each month I only make the smallest of dents in the outstanding balance.

BCP responded to this grievous and irresponsibly self-inflicted state of affairs by sending me a letter upping my credit balance and congratulating me on my “excellent” management of my credit.

I pray you pardon my rhetoric. It’s clear what’s going on here: Excellent = BCP profits off it.

Welcome to America, where waste and/or privilege are rewarded and compounded by BCP and its kindred, while the poor and empty-handed can be as responsible as they damn well please and never get so much as a nod.
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This morning when the alarm went off I snarled at it “Please kill me.” Evidently my hatred for mornings combined with general gloominess about some stuff that was keeping me awake earlier is sufficient to make me beg my own alarm clock for death. =P

I must also reflect, upon this so lovely day, that nothing annoys me more than loud, obnoxious, tuneless whistling in public places. If you need to do that, please go lock yourself in a soundproof box buried several kilometres beneath the earth. I would be grateful. It would save me having to mutter disturbingly under my breath re: removing and disposing creatively of all parts of your anatomy that aide in this noise pollution.


Nov. 11th, 2011 03:50 am
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Testing my poseur mobile's ability to feign tenable mobile web.


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