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For quite a while I've been stricken with the odd dual phenomenon of a lot of ideas but total writer's block.  A couple circumstances lifted that these past few days, namely a new prompt set over at [ profile] tolkien_weekly  (how could I resist the prospect of using the theme "Blessings" as ironically as possible?) that suddenly made finishing my long-delayed  responses to the "Bogey-stories" set easy, and  the January Action-Adventure Bechdel Test Challenge proposed by[ profile] aliana1.

My finished drabble series concerning poor Gríma (two to date, each a chapter) can be found here.

For the Bechdel thing, I thought I was mainly going to write Thuringwethil, but Ungoliant (Wirilomë) came and stole the show instead and I've got nearly 4,000 words done.  Wirilomë is such a fun POV character for me as it turns out, because she has all these bizarre and inappropriate ideas such as might lead somebody to become a giant-ass spider.  AND. It's caused me to return to my pet project of trying to reconcile Arda's given history with Earth's geologic history (this gets easier the more I ponder it over time...shoot me, I used to want to be a geologist, okay?)  Thuringwethil is still going to be a major player, and my genderbent!Pallando had a cameo in a pivotal scene because any excuse to write Pallandë.  This is fun times  Thanks for spearheading this challenge, Aliana!

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- Did research for my LotR G-fic Yule exchange story.
- Read LotR appendices I had somehow managed to have never read before.
- Improved upon my heinous theory about the origins of hobbits.
- Inaugurated my AO3 account with the first of my Gríma drabble series.
- Wrote first drabble for second Gríma drabble series (yep, I've found someone new to pick on),
- Figured out what my take is on Saruman's Orc-breeding program, Uruk-hai, "goblin men," etc.

- Reloaded the laundry card.
- Read three pages of textbook.

... I don't know whether I feel accomplished or completely the opposite.
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Because I've been taking Tolkien_Weekly's 'writing' drabble prompts terribly literally, the prompt of 'code' necessitated certain creative endeavors. 

The drabble, found here, contains an encoded note taken off the body of a slain Orc messenger, something resembling a code key, and leaves the note undecoded.  Readers can therefore interact with the drabble and decode the note.  O HUZZAH.

Or, as I'm anticipating, most people will rather just know right away what the note says, so I'm inserting a link to that at the end of the drabble.

PS - please bring any mistakes observed to my attention!  I'm way better at creating the code than actually applying it, so I might almost certainly have some errors.

Text of coded & decoded missives. )

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Firstly, in resuming work on the ‘Natural Disasters’ Tolkien_Weekly challenge, I decided to assemble the whole series to date here in case readers forgot what the Void my drabble series was about during the month-long intermission (it’s about the siege and destruction of Utumno, and thus highlights shenanigans by some of my usual suspects).

Secondly, and bafflingly, the first drabble of this series is narrated in the past tense, and all subsequent drabbles in the present tense.  Evidently I don't pay conscious attention to the narrative tense I employ in drabbles.  Looking over things, it appears I’ve leaned more toward present tense since a series that I almost titled collectively ‘Palantíri Pals” (Saruman and Sauron both nixed that soundly and proceeded to deplore my existence).
So, I’ve a favor to ask.  I can’t decide how to resolve the narrative tense inconsistency here.  If anyone looking at my work from the outside has an opinion, please do chime in!

5 of 7 drabbles currently completed. .Disclaimer: Characters belong to Tolkien. No profit reaped by myself, aside from a wealth of intellectual giddiness... )


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