Nov. 2nd, 2012 09:12 am
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"[...] the nature of the language tells us about the nature of the character, or maybe we should say the language is the character."
- from Playing Shakespeare.
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Because I've been taking Tolkien_Weekly's 'writing' drabble prompts terribly literally, the prompt of 'code' necessitated certain creative endeavors. 

The drabble, found here, contains an encoded note taken off the body of a slain Orc messenger, something resembling a code key, and leaves the note undecoded.  Readers can therefore interact with the drabble and decode the note.  O HUZZAH.

Or, as I'm anticipating, most people will rather just know right away what the note says, so I'm inserting a link to that at the end of the drabble.

PS - please bring any mistakes observed to my attention!  I'm way better at creating the code than actually applying it, so I might almost certainly have some errors.

Text of coded & decoded missives. )

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The One Committee to Rule Them All nitpicked a document assembled by our co-chair last night.

Version A (original):
...purposes may be social, political, education, or institutional enhancement.

Version B (after correction by one ranking member):
...purposes may be social, political, educational, or institutional enhancement.

Version C (suggestion by yours truly, who is evidently too young and stupid to be listened to):
...purposes may be social, political, educational, or for institutional enhancement.

I was the only person under 50 in that room, and I was the only person who noticed that Ranking Member's Version B actually just made the adjective-modified noun at the end of the phrase stick out like a sore thumb.  Another Ranking Member went on to remark that "there are English grammar rules that no writer actually uses." 

I am a writer.  I use those rules.  My profs would dock me for not using those rules.  Things like this slowly eat away at my desire to remain within this institution which is in dire need of younger people to carry on its legacy. 
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It appears my handle is also a local monicker for this wee plant. It also appears it might possibly mean something in Tagalog.

It's actually a Quenya word I coined, obscenely combining two words in a fashion typical of both myself and Quenya. Huinë (gloom/shadow/something like that) + Nárë (flame/fire/what-have-you). Huinárë = shadowfire/gloomflame/something-paradoxical-along-these-lines. I fashioned it to describe the ambience in Melkor's fireplace in one of my inspired fictionambulations. Yes, I named myself after something in Melkor's fireplace. Is anyone legitimately surprised?
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In foro conscientiae.
“In the forum of conscience [as opposed to that of law].”

Thank you, W. K. Clifford.
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Circumstance foisted upon me the awareness of BAD TRANSLATOR. I could waste way too much time on this, but as is I have to record this special passage for posterity and then move along with my life.

Well, when I said 'with my eyes thou shalt see,' what I *meant* was... )


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