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 Decided to switch my journal themes up for a change. Over at LJ, it was the same browsing through the small assemblage of crappy free themes they've had unchanged for like a decade (choose "Forest Afar"). At DW, meanwhile, you are literally drowning in beautiful free themes (got too overwhelmed to browse them all and settled upon "Pulse")! 

Another point in Dreamwidth's favor.  This is where I declaim something about the elder days passing into younger days, but that's too much work.
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I don't know whether to be excited or miffed.  It would be awesome to see Lovecraft done justice, but that never seems to happen.
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This speaks to me. :)

I found it in a Huffpost article which was titled something like "rum-guzzling, knife-wielding monkey."  Sadly, I see no sign of rum.
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Of course it was only a matter of time until I did this.

I found the audiobooks. The first one I happened to click on is apparently "The Outsider" [изгой, izgoy, I assume in the sense of "outcast"], an old favorite of mine. If there is a reading of the translated "Fungi from Yuggoth and other poems," that would probably be a pretty fun one. And I mean, honestly, I think this language lends itself to the subject matter.

Not that I can understand more than the occasional word, but this is the sort of thing that will (gradually) help change that.

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In the course of my occasional googling to see what's holding up the revival of the Lord of the Rings musical (there was originally large text promising us this revival in 2015, which has given place to a vague "COMING SOON", on the website), I noticed a thing.

There is an old discussion thread about the musical, including a review by Mithalwen near the bottom of the page. Apparently Gildor and Glorfindel are both women in the musical version, the former having a different name.

This sounds like something somone should write a badass femslash fic about! Not my niche, but it's just screaming for someone to write it, IMHO.
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Fandom Snowflake Challenge bannerI wasn't going to do Fandom Snowflake, but I'm enjoying the stuff everyone is choosing for Day 7, so naturally I wanted in on this one:

Day 7
In your own space, share a favorite piece of original canon (a TV episode, a song, a favorite interview, a book, a scene from a movie, etc) and explain why you love it so much. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

Instead of a Tolkien thing, I'ma go ahead and share a Lovecraft thing (probably not too surprising at this point).

This is a passage from The Whisperer in Darkness, one of Lovecraft's later novellas. The narrator, Wilmarth, presents the transcript of a record made by his correspondent, Akeley. The latter, dragging a phonograph around (as one does when one suspects aliens are living in the hills out back one's farm), has recorded part of an overheard, unseen ritual:

"Go out among men and find the ways thereof..." )

Aside from name-dropping half of Lovecraft's major pantheon, this scene is very interesting to me because of the glimpses it gives us of the Mi-go (the alien visitors in question). The Mi-go are my favorites for many reasons, one being that, even while they are given actual voices and demsytified somewhat more than most of Lovecraft's antagonistic forces, the information we are given is just enough to exponentially increase the number of questions I have about them and their motives. For instance, I'm curious about their relationship to Nyarlathotep et al.--they are clearly implied to serve the Outer Gods, but the Mi-go don't strike me as slavishly worshipful types (more, as incurably curious folk who know a good collaborative opportunity when they see one). Their "buzzing voice" is described as terrible to hear, and one later learns that they do surgery on themselves in order to be able to produce semblances of human sounds. They are fucking clever and unnerving and I just love them to bits.

Non-canon stuff:

- This is my fanon Mi-go theme music ("my fanon" bears repeating; I'm sure this innocent theremin composer had nothing of the like in his mind).

- This is my favorite Mi-go fanart [image is slightly gory/body horror and may be disturbing to some].

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June is now over, although since most months have 31 days, I’m happy to consider July 1st as Honorary June. ;)

Celebrimbor appears in the game Shadow of Mordor as a wraith who nags aides an original character in getting revenge on Sauron. Provided the player defeats Sauron, I suppose this is also Good News for Celebrimbor.


Since the last update, [ profile] bunn has done more art-with-memoir-type-snippet, whilst fic has come from [ profile] lignota, [ profile] hhimring, [ profile] talullahred, [ profile] starbrow (Amy Fortuna), [ profile] brookeoflorien, and [ profile] huinare. Some of these fics may be friendslocked.
[*If I neglected to list your done-after-mid-June work above and you would like to be included, PLEASE message me and accept my apologies, as I can assure you it’s a simple brainfart.]

Final stuff:

- If you didn’t have time to complete your work during June, late entries are always welcome. Just post it wherever you usually do, and if you want to drop me a line about it, I’d love that. :)
- How many of you have done/are planning to put your work on AO3? This was a small challenge; if someone would like a collection that could possibly be done, but I’m not sure if there are going to be more than a couple stories for this on AO3.


Thanks to June’s writers/readers/artists! I hope those who participated in the challenge had fun. Maybe now, having taken a break from heinous cruelty, we can sleep at night, for a little while, at least.  ;)
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Here is my entry to “We’re Sorry, Celebrimbor” Month, at the very last minute!
This is very rough, as I wanted to at least meet my own challenge on time*. Please feel free to nitpick. Some things I could use input on are listed following the story.
Note: late fanworks are welcome! I will do a final post tomorrow, and read the stories I’ve not gotten to yet; sorry I am pressed for time.
Title: [undecided]
Word count: 1,116
Characters: Celebrimbor, Finduilas, Gwindor, Huan, Curufin, OAC (original animal character).
Warnings: I don’t think so?
Summary: Celebrimbor finds a kinder, gentler application for a mind of metal and wheels as he helps an injured dog.
Read more... )
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I've got my fic plotbunny (let's see if I write it by tomorrow; that would be like a good idea for my own challenge, wouldn't it).

Several of you have linked to new works you've done recently. I look forward to reading them soon. :D I'm currently traveling and still sick, so there may or may not be a bit of a lag.

In the meantime, here is some art.

I'm not sure if this counts as good things happening to Celebrimbor, since he looks miffed and is badly photographed and was the subject of a questionable Artweaver experiment; but I'll count it as a good thing, because the other times I've tried to draw him, he's just looked like my Curumo*, and now I suppose he looks more like himself.

*Actually he still kind of does, except prettier. Blast. I wonder if I've drawn some subconscious parallel in my mind?
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I don't know about you, but all I want to write now is write really angsty and/or horrific things. I guess that's why this is a "challenge," eh? Look, I'm "challenging" myself. Hopefully you will excuse the inelegant post, as I'm literally sick and tired, and, predictably, have not yet made good on mine own challenge. ;)

[ profile] hhimring posted a lovely ficlet about Celebrimbor over on her LJ, and [ profile] bunn has a delightful visual/narrative post about the first ring made in Eregion (not sure if it's affiliated, strictly speaking, but it looks relevant to me!).

Contrary to the words of the overused song, it is NOT too late to apologize.  There is still almost half of a month to go!

Working on stuff that fits the challenge? Let us know in the comments section! :)

Just walked in and wondering WTF is this? See the tag!
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You first got my attention in the early 2000s by portraying my future favorite literary character in the Lord of the Rings film trilogy--to that end, the snowballing effect of your acting on my life has been tremendous--,but what I will remember you most fondly for is your love of music and your contribution thereto. I am proud of you for pursuing this passion during the latter years of your life.

Hear more... )
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I am also sorry this was not quite posted on June 1st (there's a reason I prefer to extend this for a month, as opposed to a week; no concept of the swift passage of time?).

Welcome to the thing! Please see the tag at the bottom of the post [sorry celebrimbor] for more info.

Celebrimbor  o   Eregion   teithant  i   thiw   hin.
[LotRO image]

Feel free to use this post for progress updates, ranting and raving, beta requests, or links to finished fanworks. Or any other vaguely reasonable use that comes to mind. There will be another such post around mid-month. Cheers!
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So, it's almost June, therefore I am compiling an FAQ about 'We're Sorry, Celebrimbor' Month. If anyone has additional questions, comment or message with them and I will add them!  :)

- How long does this challenge run?
For the entire month of June, 2015.

- Do I have to sign up?
Nope. This is very laid back. Do what you can/like, when you can.

- What sort of fanworks are acceptable?
Whatever you can come up with!--fic, art, crafts, vids, filk, etc.

- Where do I post my work when it's done?
Wherever you usually like to post it!
Here on my LJ, I will do an opening post, a mid-month post, and a closing post for updates, chit-chat, and whatnot. You are very welcome to link to your work in any of those posts, but that's not required.

- Do I get anything if I participate?
You get the pride of a job well done. The job being Not Being Unspeakably Cruel To Celebrimbor. Which may actually be a rather difficult job.

- Are you aware that there is an Easterling Appreciation Week the first week of June?
Yes. A splendid idea!

- What if I try to write something not-bad happening to Celebrimbor, but bad things start happening anyway?
An understandable predicament. I suppose there are a few options:
A. If the story goes downhill, it could be broken into chapters and the earlier chapters could count for the challenge (or if it goes uphill, the later chapters could count).
B. "Try, try again"
C. "This challenge is not working for me at this time"
D. Really it's between you and your conscience how much bad can befall Celebrimbor in the course of an apology. There can be no light without darkness, etc. etc. That said, if the entire story was filled with remorse and torment, that would seem to miss the point.

- Do I need a LiveJournal to participate?
Nope! If you lack a LiveJournal account but would like to comment or link to your work in one of my posts, anonymous comments should be enabled (please identify yourself when using this feature). That being said, getting a LiveJournal account is free and easy.
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I had another weird June challenge idea, thanks to a conversation with [ profile] lignota, this one not nearly as doomy as the one I came up with last year. If anything, it is an attempt to counteract the doom which many of us have inflicted upon a particular character. Thus, I propose:
[informational blurb!]

June, 2015: “We’re Sorry, Celebrimbor” Month

If you’ve written about or drawn Celebrimbor, you likely know how it goes: Before you is an innocent blank page, and, next thing you know, terrible atrocities are befalling Celebrimbor.

Sure, we can fault the Professor for depicting Celebrimbor during the final unhappy phase of his life and thus egging us all on.

But really, it’s time to stop passing the buck.

It’s time to apologize to Celebrimbor for all that we have done.

How does one apologize to Celebrimbor, you ask? So many options. Write a story or create fanart where not-bad things are happening to him! Make a craft he would like to wear, or prepare a meal he would like to eat, and upload photos of it! Make a fanmix or a filk! The possibilities for not treating Celebrimbor with heinous cruelty are extensive.

Questions? Comment on this post. "Anonymous" comments should be enabled, for people without LJ logins; please sign "anonymous" comments.
[/informational blurb!]

If there's more than like three people who would like to participate in this, it's a go. Tell your friends!*
*But don't tell Annatar. Even if he is one of your friends.

People should feel free to reblog this info, by linking to this entry or by copying/pasting the text that falls between [informational blurb!] and [/informational blurb!]


June edit: Now open for business!
See this tag on my LJ for most recent posts pertaining to this lunacy. FAQ is near the bottom of the tag.
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I finished the final chapter of my shortish story, 'The Maia and Aulendili.' I'm rather pleased with the story overall.

Summary of last chapter: Saruman sees Celebrimbor, and possibly wishes he hadn't.

Curumo: Can you not.
Huin: Sry.
Curumo: I doubt it.
Huin: I drew you?
Curumo: That does not begin to make up for any of this.
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In contrast to the past three years, in 2015 I succeed in both starting AND finishing stories. To mark this unlikely occurrence, and since the resulting stories were archived in two different places and in different forms (some stand-alone, some anthologized), I have made an index of my B2MeM 2015 works:

Angandil's Strange Evening. Angandil, chief of Saruman’s crebain, witnesses the Nine pay a visit to Isengard.
Closest to my heart, as it were, of the stuff I wrote this year, not least because I'm working on finishing another story with a scene that takes place shortly after this.

A Bear There Was, A Bear, A Bear. Upon his waking at Cuiviénen, Morcondil meets the love of his life. Imin is not amused.
This was meant to be cracky, but it is also a morality fable about acceptance and narrow-mindedness.

The Day We Met Master Salizidûd. An Elf, a Dwarf, and an Orc commiserate over a failed business deal.
Total crack. Very well-recieved crack. You people have issues.

The Doggerland Skull. Two academics discuss a recently-excavated prehistoric skeleton.
My first contemporary fic. Also my first epistolary fic. Also my first illustrated fic, so to speak.

It Shall Be Cloudy Come Afternoon. As war presses in from the north, a woman of Cardolan meets a strange friend in the downs.
This is the most romantic thing I've written (of course that's all relative). It could also be the most romanticist thing I've written. A bit atypical of me, but with one of my signature weird metaphysics things.

Silmarachnis. Melkor, with the aide of the creature Ungoliant, seeks to bring ruin upon Two Trees Spider Farms and the rogue spider farmer Fëanáro in one fell swoop.
Contemporary AU about spider breeding. Crack and humor, but also drama because I got way more invested in this than was meant to happen.

Also, a crass observation:
Tropes! )
ETA - Here's the numbers for March, so that I can throw out the stupid piece of paper: )
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Yay, it's almost here and who made this adorable banner omfg silkies!!! !

I cannot

Jan. 26th, 2015 01:28 am
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Istari - Curumo
by Moi-Keiniku-Sang

Somebody finally did the thing.
Aaaagh. <3 <3 <3 <3
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Soon I shall hopefully be remembering to make the 9pm toast to the Professor, on his birthday. This being so close to the new year, it seems a good occasion for reflection upon some fannish stuff.

- I have not been very good about supporting my fellow tertiary-world writers this past year. Some people probably know I had a sort of fannish meltdown closer to the start of 2014, right around the time I was also a B2MeM mod, didn't fulfill my B2MeM writing prompt and pulled only minimal moderatorly duties, etc. This general trend largely persisted throughout the year, due to a comination of RL and discovering what my limits are as far as attempting to participate in fandom outside of LJ and the SWG. It's too late to go back and amend that, but I hope to do a bit better in 2015.

- For almost as long as I can remember, I've had characters living in my head. Sometimes they have almost literally been all I had. They used to be my own characters invented from scratch. Since 2007, they've been my versions of Tolkien's (usually minor) characters. Though in a way these are still my own, my precious, and I'm sure I have used them in ways he would not always have condoned, I owe their existence to this now-deceased pipe-smoking philologist. Even though I haven't written much this year, they are always there, having adventures and mishaps I've yet to put down in words, grudingly channeling my interests and emotions in appropriate symbolic ways that help me to maintain my outward sanity, and sometimes offering instructive thoughts on how to better myself (or serving as unhappy exemplars of what not to do).

- I'm not precisely the hugest Jackson!film fan these days, but I have Peter Jackson's particular brand of fannishness and its results to even thank for the fact that I'm thanking the Professor now. I saw all three of the first trilogy in the theatres with an esrtwhile boyfriend. Thankfully, that philanderer is long gone from my life, but technically, the films are not, since they first prompted me to read the books (which I admittedly found to be very slow going the first time around). Due to Sir Lee's portrayal, the subtleties of which did not escape me, I was a Saruman sympathizer before I even read the books; to be perfectly frank, I'd found out about the character's pre-wizard history via the interwebs well before I even read up to the point where he actually appears in The Two Towers (I think I read TTT in 2005 or so). This probably explains, well, a lot, come to think of it.


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