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Title: who the f*** knows?! chapter 2.
Rating: G, but trending towards darker topics.
Characters: Berúthiel, OFC.
Word count: ~2500
Summary: Our intrepid young Umbarian lady and her strange cat friend continue their journey.

If nits are spotted, please to pick them.  This underwent less proofreading than I'm wont to do.

TOC: Chapter 1.

Chapter 2 )
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I'm taking a page from [ profile] hhimring's book and posting the first part of my Bechdel challenge story in the hopes that that'll motivate me to work on it more.

Title: who the f*** knows?! chapter 1.
Rating: G.
Characters: Berúthiel, OFC.
Word count: ~1300
Summary: A young lady of Umbar tries to vanish into the mountains and meets an uncanny new friend.

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^  Yep, that.

Actually, I have indeed begun my replacement Bechdelian fic, but I don't know when it'll be ready.  First week of classes plus possibly moving house, or not, and other such stuff getting in the way.

I take comfort in the fact that many of you haven't completed your stories yet, either.  Because I'm just a nice person like that. =)
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For quite a while I've been stricken with the odd dual phenomenon of a lot of ideas but total writer's block.  A couple circumstances lifted that these past few days, namely a new prompt set over at [ profile] tolkien_weekly  (how could I resist the prospect of using the theme "Blessings" as ironically as possible?) that suddenly made finishing my long-delayed  responses to the "Bogey-stories" set easy, and  the January Action-Adventure Bechdel Test Challenge proposed by[ profile] aliana1.

My finished drabble series concerning poor Gríma (two to date, each a chapter) can be found here.

For the Bechdel thing, I thought I was mainly going to write Thuringwethil, but Ungoliant (Wirilomë) came and stole the show instead and I've got nearly 4,000 words done.  Wirilomë is such a fun POV character for me as it turns out, because she has all these bizarre and inappropriate ideas such as might lead somebody to become a giant-ass spider.  AND. It's caused me to return to my pet project of trying to reconcile Arda's given history with Earth's geologic history (this gets easier the more I ponder it over time...shoot me, I used to want to be a geologist, okay?)  Thuringwethil is still going to be a major player, and my genderbent!Pallando had a cameo in a pivotal scene because any excuse to write Pallandë.  This is fun times  Thanks for spearheading this challenge, Aliana!


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