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The short version: I liked this film much more than I had anticipated/than I liked the second one (which I was not much a fan of). In fact, I tentatively seem to have liked it quite a bit. Enough to think I want to see it again in the theatre.

The longer and spoilery version:
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[Sorry I've been slowish replying to comments lately.  Brain does not want to perform thinky-tasks.  Anyway.]

I can't figure out if I liked the film as a whole.  There were moments I loved and moments I was bored out of my mind and moments I was embarrassed for everyone involved.  I'll probably see it again next month, but this is the stuff that left an impression on me:

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Now I'm off to finally read everyone's reactions!
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If anyone hasn't yet seen the trailer, which premiered via the Hobbit films' official FB page earlier today, behold:

My thoughts on the trailer.
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Right after viewing the trailer, I ran into the fan film The Hunt for Gollum on youtube, so I went ahead and watched that.  I can't recall if I watched it before--I must really not have been in the mood for it, if I did, apparently--although I knew of its existence.  While I was bored for the first ten minutes or so, I ended up quite liking it.  For regular shmucks on a budget, it's quite a decent piece of work.  I actually really loved their orcs, they still looked orcish but not monstrous (I realize this is probably just a function of not having a massive makeup and wardrobe budget, but I liked it).  My biggest complaint is that these folks, who are clearly talented, could have made it their own thing instead of trying to pretend they're making Peter Jackson's films.  It does suffer a lot from that "oh, cheap copy of Peter Jackson's work," which I find jarring as a viewer.  If you've seen it, what are your thoughts?

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This is clever.  It wouldn't work for me because I don't see Balin, Fili, or Ori as having the hair colors it describes them with here (is it just me?) but it's cute.

But then again I could already ID them all on sight before the movie even came out because <3 Dwarves.

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My viewing on opening day was swarming with emotions, happy and otherwise, and analysis.  Seeing it again two days ago, I intended to view it in a less invested way, and with a mind to the fact that it’s better to have stuff added to one book than taken away from three books.  A lot of stuff that bothered me the first time, I tuned out or didn’t mind anymore.  This probably also dulled my senses to the parts I did enjoy, but whatever.

To get it out of my system, two things that still bothered me:
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A misgiving:

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The rest is positive:
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This seems to be the only thing I've, "written" a while.  I wrote it at least a week ago to boot and then simply forgot about it.  WTF is wrong with my brain lately?
I think this was my attempt to process my love-hate sentiments toward movie!Radagast.

Of the Tribulations of Radagast, by Huinárë
Word count: ~1300
Warnings: I can't think of any, but feel free to scream at me if something offends.

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I'm stupidly enthused about all the cute little fanart of the Dwarves from The Hobbit.  I'm going to give the film a couple more weeks to stew in my head before seeing it again, but I'm already looking forward to it.  Since I wasn't a Tolkien fan when the LotR films came out, whereas now I'm possibly a bit too immersed for my own good, this trying to reconcile my annoyance with my glee is new.  I think I'd do well to consider it as a big fancy AU, as I've noted some of you doing, although it's easier to accept AU in fanfic than in a blockbuster film already seen by millions of people and generating a new fanbase.

On a vaguely related note, have a picture of Richard Armitage as Angus in the Royal Shakespeare Company's 1999 production of Macbeth.
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Also, I saw someone speculating on tumblr that Saruman
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This is probably going to run pretty long (the short version is "loved it, with caveats!").  In the interest of trying to make it ordered and coherent, I'm going to frame it as responses to characters.

Discussion and civil debate welcome.

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- Maybe I'm just out of the loop, but I was startled and delighted to find that some tracks to The Hobbit score are apparently released already.  I reblogged "Radagast the Brown," and since I'm too confuddled and in a hurry to figure out where it's actually sourced from here's a link to my reblog. 
This is the first bit of Hobbit score I have personally heard.  It's so lovely to hear Howard Shore in Tolkien mode again!  I also love some of the quieter/more reflective parts of this track.  Radagast holds a certain poignancy to me, probably because I envision AIwendil as having been very delicate, birdlike, and able to glide back in the Blessed Realm; to go from that to a grubby terrestrial Man-form would bite.

- I've been kind of overly obsessed with "Trois Vierges" by Epica this week.  My pedantic muse is not terribly happy with this development, as the angsty lyrics seem to strike a chord with him (proof: portrait).  I don't suppose my testing my questionable soprano mettle on the song is helping matters either.

- For my future reference, google image search of "Atalanta Fugiens."  Yay bizarre and sometime creepy art.
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There were evidently a crapload of these, but I don't have the time plus they do scary things to my excuse for a laptop (despite the laptop being named after a Hobbit character).  I did enjoy the Ian McKellan and Richard Armitage interviews.
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Evidently there's some kind of children's workbook out which has some quite lovely images within.  The saints of the interweb have seen to it that these are made available to us all.

Images include a character we have never seen (Thranduil) and a character we have seen but not really in this context before (Saruman).

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Evidently this had to be removed from its original source (I know who you are!) but at least as of present it's still in the above article.

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Also: "Radaghast." Shame,, shame.
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And now for something totally unrelated to the subject line.

Have an amusing SGA clip that references the Return of the King film.  (Judging by the reaction around the conference table, these people are all way more into the Lord of the Rings films than a random selection of the general public.  They're all 'Ohh Lord of the Rings.  Dayum.  Hell yeah.')

Also, I have a plan of action:
I am going to steal Bilbo Baggins' coat, take it to the tailor's to give it a nice fitted cut, and then rock that $h+t.  Seriously.  That coat looks like something I would make if I knew how to make coats and could make my ideal coat.
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Eccleston and Hiddleston??  o___o  The only way they could possibly sweeten the deal for me would be to throw Zach Quinto in.

Also, I can't believe I didn't realize until quite recently that Sylvester McCoy (a.k.a. Radagast the Brown) was the 7th Doctor!  I never saw the classic Who beyond a couple episodes.  I'm actually remedying that now, starting with the first season from 1963 (it can really only go uphill from there).

Also, I finally caught Robin Hardy's film The Wicker Tree.  I'm not sure I'd consider it good, which is a shame because I loved The Wicker Man (the original...dear god, not the remake) to pieces.  However, The Wicker Tree is notable for starring Graham McTavish as the villain, and for a Christopher Lee cameo.  Mr. Lee was slated to be the main villain, but apparently he hurt his back around the time of filming. =*[
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So the 'okay so we might make three films instead' bruhaha has culminated in Peter Jackson's facebook note confirming this is the case.

Too sleepy to have opinion at present time.  Now is a good time for people with opinions to move in and attack.
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Production Blog #8

My not-very-intelligent commentary follows.  Folks avoiding the videoblogs for spoilers will also want to avoid the below.
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So I was looking at this nifty picture of all the Dwarves (minus Thorin) from the upcoming Hobbit films, and I found that instead of washing the dishes I had written humorfic.

Disclaimer stuff: I don't make money off of Tolkien's characters, nor off of New Line Cinema's character designs.  This was written purely for the wasting of time.
Rating: PGish.
FYI: Great big wide image included under cut.  It's just not the same without it.  If it's not loading or truncated, the image in question is here.

"By Mahal’s impressive hammer, it’s worse than I thought." )

Oh noes

Jan. 27th, 2012 05:40 pm
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There has been quite the hubbub around
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in the upcoming Hobbit films.  I have opinions, my main one being that there's not yet enough info to have a fixed opinion one way or another.  I also have other opinions.  I sense an essay coming on, someday when I have time.


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