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In contrast to the past three years, in 2015 I succeed in both starting AND finishing stories. To mark this unlikely occurrence, and since the resulting stories were archived in two different places and in different forms (some stand-alone, some anthologized), I have made an index of my B2MeM 2015 works:

Angandil's Strange Evening. Angandil, chief of Saruman’s crebain, witnesses the Nine pay a visit to Isengard.
Closest to my heart, as it were, of the stuff I wrote this year, not least because I'm working on finishing another story with a scene that takes place shortly after this.

A Bear There Was, A Bear, A Bear. Upon his waking at Cuiviénen, Morcondil meets the love of his life. Imin is not amused.
This was meant to be cracky, but it is also a morality fable about acceptance and narrow-mindedness.

The Day We Met Master Salizidûd. An Elf, a Dwarf, and an Orc commiserate over a failed business deal.
Total crack. Very well-recieved crack. You people have issues.

The Doggerland Skull. Two academics discuss a recently-excavated prehistoric skeleton.
My first contemporary fic. Also my first epistolary fic. Also my first illustrated fic, so to speak.

It Shall Be Cloudy Come Afternoon. As war presses in from the north, a woman of Cardolan meets a strange friend in the downs.
This is the most romantic thing I've written (of course that's all relative). It could also be the most romanticist thing I've written. A bit atypical of me, but with one of my signature weird metaphysics things.

Silmarachnis. Melkor, with the aide of the creature Ungoliant, seeks to bring ruin upon Two Trees Spider Farms and the rogue spider farmer Fëanáro in one fell swoop.
Contemporary AU about spider breeding. Crack and humor, but also drama because I got way more invested in this than was meant to happen.

Also, a crass observation:
Tropes! )
ETA - Here's the numbers for March, so that I can throw out the stupid piece of paper: )
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Yay, it's almost here and who made this adorable banner omfg silkies!!! !
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I planned to write something else today, but wasn't feeling it.  Therefore, yesterday's 'The Memory of Party Trees' (drabble pair) is officially my final B2MeM 2012 story.
I think I'm okay with that.  It has characters I'd never written about before March, and a character I write too much about, and it ends on a weirdly appropriate note.

March was weird for me on a personal level for whatever vague reasons, and it interfaced interestingly with all this madness. 

I will be posting an index to all my writing from this month later today.  As to how I feel about all this, I'm going to let my artwork speak for itself:

What a long, strange trip it's been )
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Agh, I have not been keeping up on my electronic record of this.

Ledgermajig )
Commentary/ranting )
And–GUYS I COULD’VE HAD BINGO AS WE SPEAK ON THE CROSSOVER1 CARD if I hadn’t dropped a couple prompts from there.  By Angband’s smokes, that’s annoying.
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This is what I did today.*  I totally wrote a horrific philosophic thingy and then Sauron upstaged everyone like the bastard he is and then Gelmir kept talking on and on and wouldn't shut up.

I'm not sure whether to be pleased or mortified.

Plortified.  There.  Problem solved.

In other news, I might be going to the zoo tomorrow, like in that Raffi song.

*Thanks to Leonard Cohen, Florence, Radiohead, and That Same Damn Puscifer Song My Muses All Love for writing backdrop.
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B2MEM prompts.  And writing a response to them.


It was actually kinda cool.  My slumbering brain made up about four prompts and thought of a brief thing to write in response to them, and then wrote it.  Brevity has been an issue of mine this month, so it was pleasant that in the dream I came up with a ~400-word thing about -something-, and from several disparate characters' viewpoints, too.  I wish I could remember what the piece actually centered around, but Gandalf and Orc viewpoints were both involved.  o_o
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Ledger 12-14 Mar )

Commentary - B15 ftw for my Istari project.  Will be completing that this evening
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Istari story is keeping me quite well occupied.  They got to have a theological debate today!  People who don't want to read a whole novella about my cranky!wizards, but who don't mind my cranky!wizards in small doses, might be advised that I'm most pleased with this section and that it works perfectly well as a story in itself.


"Arkenstone" by Summoning.  I should really be using it to write those poems about the Arkenstone I said I was going to write.

"The Undertaker" by Puscifer.  My muses unanimously endorse this song. 

"Requiem" by In Extremo.  Mairon wants an in-house band to play this in Angband. 
[There's a less dramatic and humbler version of it that Draugluin likes, but it seems not to have a presence on youtube.]

"Spectrum" by Florence and the Machine.  Curumo finds eerily evocative of both the Ainulindalë and the Dagor Dagorath.
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I'm seriously going to be working on most of these projects for months.  The only one I'm completely keeping up on is the Istari project.

Ledger 10 Mar )
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Oh look, there's time enough between classes to post this bit of mischief I managed yesterday.

Beorn & Finduilas of Dol Amroth ! )

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I've been reading more than writing, I think.  And not reading stuff for school, like one ought to.

Anyway, I'm kind of disappointed as I've been pretty mentally and emotionally lethargic this week, and my B2ME output has not been all that I desired or plotted.  I've--not given up, but postponed the majority of my projects.

That being said, here's a general recap of the things I've finished and put online for the event thus far:

Ongoing projects:
"A Story of a Hound," a comedic/satirical narration of Huan.  I realized, given the prompts I was getting, I could not take this seriously.  Underneath its facade, however, are my genuine, serious postulations as to Huan's origins.  I also got to throw in a meta footnote at the end of "In which we meet Huan.." which amused me soundly.
"Istari, circa 1040 Third Age," an account of the five Istari wandering about Eriador during their first year in Middle Earth.  This project was and remains my top priority.  I love the wizards.  The chapters range from sombre to funny.

Finished ficlets:
"A Watcher of Cirith Ungol," a rather horrific vignette from the viewpoint of one of the Watcher, um, statues.  For 'Alternate Viewpoints - The Tower of Cirith Ungol.'  This rather broadsided me and I'm possibly more pleased with it than with any of my other output so far.
"The Jay and the Moon," Bombur's thoughts on the eve of Bilbo Baggins' historic little excursion with the Arkenstone.  For 'Alternate Viewpoints - A Thief in the Night.'  I wanted Bombur to have more of a voice than he's ever given as the "token fat guy." I'd arguably suggest that if a person only had time to read one of my fics all month, this should be it.


Mar. 2nd, 2012 12:32 pm
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Trying to get clearer on the geography of Eriador, particularly Arthedain, was not something I thought I'd be doing with a chunk of my morning.

And ships.  I can't just say they were on a ship*, dammit, I have to figure out which kind of ship and how it worked.  Today I learnt that there's no good reason to put them on a lateen rigged ship, pretty as that would be.
*And yes, this was originally typoed rather hilariously in my mania.
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This is totally not what I expected to be working on first.  The idea broadsided me weirdly on the bus this morning.  A creepy story about a...statue...?!
"A Watcher of Cirith Ungol," for 'Alternate Viewpoints.'  With thanks to Summoning, Rammstein, Godsmack, and Puscifer for writing background music.

B2MEM Ledger Mar 2 )
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Thanks to Aliana for the checklist idea, though mine's not as diverting. )

And in case the notebook runs away...I'm setting this down by date, card #, then [_my self-selected group/theme_] and [- the cards "and prompts"] for that group.

Ledger: 1 Mar. )
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Until yesterday it didn't process with me that, because of my being hours behind GMT, B2ME begins on the last day of February in the late afternoon for me.

This calls for one of my favorite songs ever. This thing never fails to energize and/or cheer up me, even if just slightly. "Mein Liebster Feind" by In Extremo. The 'pipes and drums at 3:05 never fail to set me dancing around the Lair (so glad I live alone on the ground floor). With my very limited knowledge of German, I of course wanted to interpret the title as "My Beloved Fiend," which describes most characters and people I'm fond of. Apparently it's more like "My Best Fiend" or "My Dearest Foe." Ah well.

New improved post--now with link to song where it says there should be one!
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Debating whether to claim the new "Injuries and Ailments" card for B2MEM.  I must admit, that would probably be an intriguing and relevant catalyst for the next few installments of the Draugluin story, since things are about to get very ugly with that story anyway.  =P


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