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Fandom Snowflake Challenge bannerI wasn't going to do Fandom Snowflake, but I'm enjoying the stuff everyone is choosing for Day 7, so naturally I wanted in on this one:

Day 7
In your own space, share a favorite piece of original canon (a TV episode, a song, a favorite interview, a book, a scene from a movie, etc) and explain why you love it so much. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

Instead of a Tolkien thing, I'ma go ahead and share a Lovecraft thing (probably not too surprising at this point).

This is a passage from The Whisperer in Darkness, one of Lovecraft's later novellas. The narrator, Wilmarth, presents the transcript of a record made by his correspondent, Akeley. The latter, dragging a phonograph around (as one does when one suspects aliens are living in the hills out back one's farm), has recorded part of an overheard, unseen ritual:

"Go out among men and find the ways thereof..." )

Aside from name-dropping half of Lovecraft's major pantheon, this scene is very interesting to me because of the glimpses it gives us of the Mi-go (the alien visitors in question). The Mi-go are my favorites for many reasons, one being that, even while they are given actual voices and demsytified somewhat more than most of Lovecraft's antagonistic forces, the information we are given is just enough to exponentially increase the number of questions I have about them and their motives. For instance, I'm curious about their relationship to Nyarlathotep et al.--they are clearly implied to serve the Outer Gods, but the Mi-go don't strike me as slavishly worshipful types (more, as incurably curious folk who know a good collaborative opportunity when they see one). Their "buzzing voice" is described as terrible to hear, and one later learns that they do surgery on themselves in order to be able to produce semblances of human sounds. They are fucking clever and unnerving and I just love them to bits.

Non-canon stuff:

- This is my fanon Mi-go theme music ("my fanon" bears repeating; I'm sure this innocent theremin composer had nothing of the like in his mind).

- This is my favorite Mi-go fanart [image is slightly gory/body horror and may be disturbing to some].

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I follow a grand total of 3 television series and 1 podcast, and even that seems to be too much for me to keep tabs on.  I've fallen ~3 months behind on Welcome to Night Vale! Not sure if there are any other fans here besides [ profile] aliana1, but I think more than a few of you would get a kick out of it. To me, it's a bit like Beckett meets Lovecraft.

If any of you should want to check it out, here's a quick link to one of the feeds (most recent at the top), which I always have a ridiculous amount of trouble locating from their main page.

I had to start catching up with "A Story About Them," and this morning I listened to "Parade Day."  Like many long-running media that begin less seriously, it has gotten more serious in terms of plot events and continuity (like, one really roots for these goofy characters and is concerned for their fate), but they've so far managed to retain a lot of the original deadpan bizarreness, which I appreciate. I still have 5 episodes until I'm caught up (and apparently there has been a mayoral election? *bites nails* *is VERY partisan*).

One awesome thing which Night Vale does is to give new musical artists broader exposure during the "weather" segment. I discovered the song I want played at my wake and/or reception and/or Tibetan sky burial, "This Too Shall Pass" by Danny Schmidt, via the weather. The episode "Parade Day" features "Take Up Your Spade" by Sara Watkins. This somehow reminds me of Mumford and Sons meets Sarah McLachlan (maybe it's just me).
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This is really riveting and creepy.  Hard to categorize, although some of the background music is reminiscent of GoT music to me.
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Apparently it's been nearly a year since the inaugural (and only) Character Song Review Minute.  Unacceptable!

I think there are drabbles/ficlets I ought to be commenting on, but my focus has been scattered, so pardon my indulging in cracked-outedness instead.  I'll get back to serious business one of these days, hand to Melkor.  In the meantime, the characters and I review a remixed rendition of "Eyes of Fire" by Blue Foundation.

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- Maybe I'm just out of the loop, but I was startled and delighted to find that some tracks to The Hobbit score are apparently released already.  I reblogged "Radagast the Brown," and since I'm too confuddled and in a hurry to figure out where it's actually sourced from here's a link to my reblog. 
This is the first bit of Hobbit score I have personally heard.  It's so lovely to hear Howard Shore in Tolkien mode again!  I also love some of the quieter/more reflective parts of this track.  Radagast holds a certain poignancy to me, probably because I envision AIwendil as having been very delicate, birdlike, and able to glide back in the Blessed Realm; to go from that to a grubby terrestrial Man-form would bite.

- I've been kind of overly obsessed with "Trois Vierges" by Epica this week.  My pedantic muse is not terribly happy with this development, as the angsty lyrics seem to strike a chord with him (proof: portrait).  I don't suppose my testing my questionable soprano mettle on the song is helping matters either.

- For my future reference, google image search of "Atalanta Fugiens."  Yay bizarre and sometime creepy art.
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Istari imprisoned in some trading card thing.  Wha...whahaha... hehh.  X*)
I'm particularly concerned for Dances With Gulls and Mr. "A Q-Tip Is So A Staff" there.

On a less cruel note, I totally want to hug Sylvester McCoy.  He is going to be a great Radagast.
(Curumo also tells me he's annoying, which bodes very well for his ability to portray Radagast.)

And on a completely awesome note, I was already aware that McKellan and McCoy appeared onstage as Lear and the Fool respectively a few years ago, but only recently did I realize PBS Great Performances has a free film version of it online.  AND it's directed by Trevor Nunn (I have a huge crush on Nunn's Feste, who plays a wee accordian and is also Ben Kingsley).  OMFGTNTLEVENTY.  I'm going to have to reread the play before watching it though.
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I've noticed the people in my head sometimes have strong opinions about songs I like I have an irredeemably over-active imagination.  Thus is born Character Song Review Minute.  Huzzah.

To kick this crap off, the characters and I visit "Hard Way Home" by Brandi Carlile.

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I'm not really familiar with Buffy Sainte-Marie, but every once in a while she pops up doing a version of a song I'm fond of ('Song of the French Partisan' being one, and I just found she did a rather alarming 'Lyke Wake Dirge').   Plus, if I'm to understand right, she originally wrote 'Eagle Man, Changing Woman,'  which is covered by a favorite artist of mine, Mari Boine.

'Eagle Man ~ Changing Woman'  by Buffy Sainte-Marie.

'Goaskinviellja [Eagle Brother]' by Mari Boine, since I couldn't find her rendition of the above song on youtube.
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My latest song fixation.
This is the second of only two songs my muses can all unanimously agree to endorse. ^__^

Because I can't concentrate on any one project for long lately, I'm back to attempting to edit the first chapters of Epic* Fic Is Epic.  This is like pulling teeth.  I am not a happy camper with that, but it needs to be done.  I "finished" the bloody thing last Christmas in terms of writing the last chapter, yet it's not truly done until everything accords.  It really sucks when the narrative style, philosophy, character development, and general priorities of a novel-length story change in the course of writing it. =P

*Note I'm not vain enough to mean "epic" in the vogue sense of "good" or "cool," but in the sense of "spanning a crapload of events, places, times, etc."
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that the existence of the Higgs-Boson* particle has been effectively confirmed.  You done good, Large Hadron Collider.

Oh, and, because my nation's founding is my favorite part of its history, have a song.  I highly recommend the musical comedy 1776.  Lamentably, I couldn't find a version with the video as well as the audio.
"But, Mr. Adams..."

*Yes, in my enthusiasm I misspelled boson as bosom.  This is going to haunt me to my grave.
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Brilliant. And I learned about the Udmurt language today. I love Finno-Ugric languages, they're so distinctive and completely unrelated to Indo-European tongues. The music from that part of the world (Northeastern Europe/Western Russia) has interesting timbres and tempos, too.

PS - go 'like' this video. Evidently about 1/3 of youtube users who watched it are tasteless haters.

Sorry for the post-spam, I'm getting over-enthusiastic about stuff lately.

ETA - Another one! Apparently the translation of the title is "Very Long Birch Bark and How to Turn it Into a Turban." <3
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"The Bard's Song," Blind Guardian.

Corny but true, n'est-ce pas?
'Cause the bards' songs will remain
They all will remain
In my thoughts and in my dreams
They're always in my mind
These songs of hobbits, dwarves and men
And elves
Come close your eyes
You can see them, too
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Istari story is keeping me quite well occupied.  They got to have a theological debate today!  People who don't want to read a whole novella about my cranky!wizards, but who don't mind my cranky!wizards in small doses, might be advised that I'm most pleased with this section and that it works perfectly well as a story in itself.


"Arkenstone" by Summoning.  I should really be using it to write those poems about the Arkenstone I said I was going to write.

"The Undertaker" by Puscifer.  My muses unanimously endorse this song. 

"Requiem" by In Extremo.  Mairon wants an in-house band to play this in Angband. 
[There's a less dramatic and humbler version of it that Draugluin likes, but it seems not to have a presence on youtube.]

"Spectrum" by Florence and the Machine.  Curumo finds eerily evocative of both the Ainulindalë and the Dagor Dagorath.
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Until yesterday it didn't process with me that, because of my being hours behind GMT, B2ME begins on the last day of February in the late afternoon for me.

This calls for one of my favorite songs ever. This thing never fails to energize and/or cheer up me, even if just slightly. "Mein Liebster Feind" by In Extremo. The 'pipes and drums at 3:05 never fail to set me dancing around the Lair (so glad I live alone on the ground floor). With my very limited knowledge of German, I of course wanted to interpret the title as "My Beloved Fiend," which describes most characters and people I'm fond of. Apparently it's more like "My Best Fiend" or "My Dearest Foe." Ah well.

New improved post--now with link to song where it says there should be one!


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