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I don't really have many shows I watch, but this week has been a good one for me TV-wise.

Game of Thrones 03.02 'Dark Wings, Dark Words'
minor spoilers )

Doctor Who 07.07 'The Rings of Akhaten'
fair warning: while I have never wanted to be a spoilsport about the Ponds, this reaction might bum out people who are still feeling the loss of the Ponds )

Adventure Time season 1
vague general impression )
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[ profile] bunn kindly apprised me of the existence of this Bombadil speculation.


- Many of the respondents have taken this way too seriously (particularly Mr. Osborne on pg. 6).   I don't see any assertion on the author's part that this interpretation is the best one or even a tenable one; I just see a wonderfully creative and unique (albeit dark--but obviously that's why I like it) approach to Old Tom here.

- This seriously would make for an excellent "AU" story.  I'd read the h*ll out of it.

- An anon on pg 5 says: Doctor Who related commentary, cut for space )

- This caused me to (I think re-) read this one: "Who Is Tom Bombadil?"  So now I'm just going to say that "Tom and Goldberry are actually Aulë and Yavanna" makes least sense to me out of all the speculations.  Aulë?  I'll accept the "Tom is Eru" line before I accept a conflation of Aulë with Tom Bombadil.

- I just wrote a crack!thing.  It's not fancy, but it's the first thing I've written in weeks and it addresses my thoughts on the Aulë-as-Bombadil speculation more amusingly than a nonfiction rant would.
Sauron and Saruman weigh in on Bombadil )
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- New Who: Ponds' departure.  That's pretty much what I thought would happen after seeing the preview capping the prior episode.  Which makes me wish I had blogged my hypothesis beforehand, so that I could now point to the entry as evidence and say "see, interwebs, I called it."  I'm probably not the only one who saw that coming though.

- Classic Who: I am still dilly-dallying through the first season (1963).  Fortunately for me, given I didn't prefer the first few plot arcs (each of which spans 2 to 6 ~25-min episodes), I've found I'm really enjoying the arcs starting with "Keys of Marinus."   I finished "The Aztecs" a couple days ago and loved it, though it's probably riddled with historical inaccuracies; the visuals were gorgeous, the issues regarding human sacrifice were fascinating, and I loved the secondary characters.  On that note, "How to Make Cocoa," a DVD extra hosted by badly-animated Tlotoxl and Tonila.  I love those guys.

- On an unrelated note, "Sarcastaball."  XD  South Park may be crude, but it's almost never not clever.
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Eccleston and Hiddleston??  o___o  The only way they could possibly sweeten the deal for me would be to throw Zach Quinto in.

Also, I can't believe I didn't realize until quite recently that Sylvester McCoy (a.k.a. Radagast the Brown) was the 7th Doctor!  I never saw the classic Who beyond a couple episodes.  I'm actually remedying that now, starting with the first season from 1963 (it can really only go uphill from there).

Also, I finally caught Robin Hardy's film The Wicker Tree.  I'm not sure I'd consider it good, which is a shame because I loved The Wicker Man (the original...dear god, not the remake) to pieces.  However, The Wicker Tree is notable for starring Graham McTavish as the villain, and for a Christopher Lee cameo.  Mr. Lee was slated to be the main villain, but apparently he hurt his back around the time of filming. =*[


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