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[ profile] bunn kindly apprised me of the existence of this Bombadil speculation.


- Many of the respondents have taken this way too seriously (particularly Mr. Osborne on pg. 6).   I don't see any assertion on the author's part that this interpretation is the best one or even a tenable one; I just see a wonderfully creative and unique (albeit dark--but obviously that's why I like it) approach to Old Tom here.

- This seriously would make for an excellent "AU" story.  I'd read the h*ll out of it.

- An anon on pg 5 says: Doctor Who related commentary, cut for space )

- This caused me to (I think re-) read this one: "Who Is Tom Bombadil?"  So now I'm just going to say that "Tom and Goldberry are actually Aulë and Yavanna" makes least sense to me out of all the speculations.  Aulë?  I'll accept the "Tom is Eru" line before I accept a conflation of Aulë with Tom Bombadil.

- I just wrote a crack!thing.  It's not fancy, but it's the first thing I've written in weeks and it addresses my thoughts on the Aulë-as-Bombadil speculation more amusingly than a nonfiction rant would.
Sauron and Saruman weigh in on Bombadil )
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This seems to be the only thing I've, "written" a while.  I wrote it at least a week ago to boot and then simply forgot about it.  WTF is wrong with my brain lately?
I think this was my attempt to process my love-hate sentiments toward movie!Radagast.

Of the Tribulations of Radagast, by Huinárë
Word count: ~1300
Warnings: I can't think of any, but feel free to scream at me if something offends.

"Well, Radagast, I'm loathe to be blunt, but..." )
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I'm stupidly enthused about all the cute little fanart of the Dwarves from The Hobbit.  I'm going to give the film a couple more weeks to stew in my head before seeing it again, but I'm already looking forward to it.  Since I wasn't a Tolkien fan when the LotR films came out, whereas now I'm possibly a bit too immersed for my own good, this trying to reconcile my annoyance with my glee is new.  I think I'd do well to consider it as a big fancy AU, as I've noted some of you doing, although it's easier to accept AU in fanfic than in a blockbuster film already seen by millions of people and generating a new fanbase.

On a vaguely related note, have a picture of Richard Armitage as Angus in the Royal Shakespeare Company's 1999 production of Macbeth.
......... )

Also, I saw someone speculating on tumblr that Saruman
minor spoiler for the current film )
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- Maybe I'm just out of the loop, but I was startled and delighted to find that some tracks to The Hobbit score are apparently released already.  I reblogged "Radagast the Brown," and since I'm too confuddled and in a hurry to figure out where it's actually sourced from here's a link to my reblog. 
This is the first bit of Hobbit score I have personally heard.  It's so lovely to hear Howard Shore in Tolkien mode again!  I also love some of the quieter/more reflective parts of this track.  Radagast holds a certain poignancy to me, probably because I envision AIwendil as having been very delicate, birdlike, and able to glide back in the Blessed Realm; to go from that to a grubby terrestrial Man-form would bite.

- I've been kind of overly obsessed with "Trois Vierges" by Epica this week.  My pedantic muse is not terribly happy with this development, as the angsty lyrics seem to strike a chord with him (proof: portrait).  I don't suppose my testing my questionable soprano mettle on the song is helping matters either.

- For my future reference, google image search of "Atalanta Fugiens."  Yay bizarre and sometime creepy art.
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Istari imprisoned in some trading card thing.  Wha...whahaha... hehh.  X*)
I'm particularly concerned for Dances With Gulls and Mr. "A Q-Tip Is So A Staff" there.

On a less cruel note, I totally want to hug Sylvester McCoy.  He is going to be a great Radagast.
(Curumo also tells me he's annoying, which bodes very well for his ability to portray Radagast.)

And on a completely awesome note, I was already aware that McKellan and McCoy appeared onstage as Lear and the Fool respectively a few years ago, but only recently did I realize PBS Great Performances has a free film version of it online.  AND it's directed by Trevor Nunn (I have a huge crush on Nunn's Feste, who plays a wee accordian and is also Ben Kingsley).  OMFGTNTLEVENTY.  I'm going to have to reread the play before watching it though.
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Evidently this had to be removed from its original source (I know who you are!) but at least as of present it's still in the above article.

Brief Huinish thoughts )

Also: "Radaghast." Shame,, shame.


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