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Apparently The Old Vic was touring Richard III about a year ago and they stopped within a day trip of me.  Were this now instead of a year ago, I would probably say screw it and spend more money I don't have on getting the train there and seeing it, because my attitude to $ v. Quality of Life is starting to shift.  I've never had money and I've never done things normal adults have done, like go to a concert.  I shit you not, I have never been to a concert.

Anyway, the cool thing about this was that Richard III is my favorite play of all time, and Kevin Spacey was starring and I admire the hell out of Kevin Spacey.  I've enjoyed everything I've seen him in, Shakespeare or otherwise, and he's an avid Shakespearean.

Cue obsessive raving about Shakespeare obscurities that probably only interest me, but also with pictures of some familiar faces doing Shakespeare. =D )

And you thought it was bad when I spazzed about Tolkien..
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Istari imprisoned in some trading card thing.  Wha...whahaha... hehh.  X*)
I'm particularly concerned for Dances With Gulls and Mr. "A Q-Tip Is So A Staff" there.

On a less cruel note, I totally want to hug Sylvester McCoy.  He is going to be a great Radagast.
(Curumo also tells me he's annoying, which bodes very well for his ability to portray Radagast.)

And on a completely awesome note, I was already aware that McKellan and McCoy appeared onstage as Lear and the Fool respectively a few years ago, but only recently did I realize PBS Great Performances has a free film version of it online.  AND it's directed by Trevor Nunn (I have a huge crush on Nunn's Feste, who plays a wee accordian and is also Ben Kingsley).  OMFGTNTLEVENTY.  I'm going to have to reread the play before watching it though.
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Eccleston and Hiddleston??  o___o  The only way they could possibly sweeten the deal for me would be to throw Zach Quinto in.

Also, I can't believe I didn't realize until quite recently that Sylvester McCoy (a.k.a. Radagast the Brown) was the 7th Doctor!  I never saw the classic Who beyond a couple episodes.  I'm actually remedying that now, starting with the first season from 1963 (it can really only go uphill from there).

Also, I finally caught Robin Hardy's film The Wicker Tree.  I'm not sure I'd consider it good, which is a shame because I loved The Wicker Man (the original...dear god, not the remake) to pieces.  However, The Wicker Tree is notable for starring Graham McTavish as the villain, and for a Christopher Lee cameo.  Mr. Lee was slated to be the main villain, but apparently he hurt his back around the time of filming. =*[
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So about three years ago, I happened upon this delightful BBC radio comedy entitled "ElvenQuest."  It came in six episodes, which I procured and have listened to fairly regularly since.  It would probably be safe to say I periodically become mildly obsessed.

At the time of my discovery, the series ended on a cliffhanger and no news of if/when it would resume seemed forthcoming.  I eventually despaired of the series resuming and forgot to keep checking back.

Yeah, turns out in the years since they've made two more series of it. =DDD  Must find and listen.
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Production Blog #8

My not-very-intelligent commentary follows.  Folks avoiding the videoblogs for spoilers will also want to avoid the below.
!!!!! )
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School is back in session. I had a lethargic semester or so (by my standards, which are what I would call Grangeresque--3.8 is not where my GPA should be), and in classic overcompensation mode I leapt back into business with a vengeance this time around this week. I've made a lot of decisions that force me to focus solely on schoolwork four days a week, which includes the elimination during those days of certain distractions of sundry sorts.

This semester is going to be enriching and amusing. =D Three of the four professors are ones I've had before, and they're my top three favorite prof at the college to boot!

Excellent professors, metaphysics and theology invade the kitchen, LeGuin, and Shakespeare: A manic rant about my classes. )
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Found it.

(So much for being on time to actual obligations.)

I am extremely optimistic about this. The song actually gave me chills. And I love the shots of Gandalf wandering about...somewhere we don't actually see him wandering about in the book? =) (I am a big advocate of someone putting the White Council/Necromancer scenes onscreen.)


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