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This speaks to me. :)

I found it in a Huffpost article which was titled something like "rum-guzzling, knife-wielding monkey."  Sadly, I see no sign of rum.
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I gather that the artist goes by Alllor. I love their style (when one considers my aesthetic sensibilities as reflected in my own artsy shamblings, tihs probably makes sense, and yes my Russian Tolkien fandom fixation is apparently here for the long haul).

Left to right: Olórin, Aiwendil, Curumo. That particular Curumo is the one from The Black Book of Arda. I have possibly mentioned that he is a tragic lunatic genius double-dealer who is obsessed with that chalice (among other things). <3

ETA - also, have video footage of Christopher Tolkien. It never would have occurred to me to look for this, but I randomly happened upon it.
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I thought this was pretty funny.  I'm not sure how funny it is if you haven't read Neil Gaiman's reply to a fan complaining about GRRM's legendary "glacial" writing.

The "Write Like the Wind" song itself?  I get why it's amusing to people waiting on the next book (I suppose I'm among them now).  I'd probably get it more if I'd been reading the series since '98 like some people have.  I also get why it's really kind of annoying in that it reflects that entitled attitude.  It's not exactly easy to write a hugeass saga, especially with millions of people twiddling their thumbs and complaining if they see you doing anything that's not working on the novels.
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I couldn't find "But Mr. Adams" from the film version of 1776 on youtube, but I found a great stage version.

I never get tired of this song.
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Jason Momoa's Khal Drogo audition tape.  This is awesome if you're familiar with the thing he's doing.  That was an inspired notion.

The actors who play the Stark kids singing the opening theme.  Sort of.


I was looking at the Lord of the Rings Musical's wikipedia entry, as one does, and I noticed some songs on the synopsis that were not on the cast recording (boo).  Luckily, ne'er-do-wells who make covert use of their recording devices during the show have come to our rescue.

Poor audio, but worth a listen if you're a fan of the London cast recording )
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I imagine many of you have seen this video which went viral a few years back, wherein the dude filming this double rainbow is freaking out over how awesome it is.  I mean, I'm all for digging the wonders of nature, but it's ridiculous! =D This video now has 37.3 million views.

I still can't hear someone say "double rainbow" without struggling to not burst out laughing.

Thanks to [ profile] engarian for completely inadvertently reminding me of this.
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If anyone hasn't yet seen the trailer, which premiered via the Hobbit films' official FB page earlier today, behold:

My thoughts on the trailer.
wheee )


Right after viewing the trailer, I ran into the fan film The Hunt for Gollum on youtube, so I went ahead and watched that.  I can't recall if I watched it before--I must really not have been in the mood for it, if I did, apparently--although I knew of its existence.  While I was bored for the first ten minutes or so, I ended up quite liking it.  For regular shmucks on a budget, it's quite a decent piece of work.  I actually really loved their orcs, they still looked orcish but not monstrous (I realize this is probably just a function of not having a massive makeup and wardrobe budget, but I liked it).  My biggest complaint is that these folks, who are clearly talented, could have made it their own thing instead of trying to pretend they're making Peter Jackson's films.  It does suffer a lot from that "oh, cheap copy of Peter Jackson's work," which I find jarring as a viewer.  If you've seen it, what are your thoughts?

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I've been thinking for a while that Petyr Baelish sounds a lot like "my" Mairon would sound (not looks like, mind, he could hardly look more dissimilar).  Beginning to rewatch season 2 of Game of Thrones just kind of confirmed that via a scene where Baelish is being particularly manipulative with a crying employee.  Yeah, that's definitely the timbre and inflection of Huinarium!Mairon.  =D

Scene in question starts ~3:!0.  It's GoT so this should probably go without saying, but the below video contains dark subject matter, graphic nudity & c.  And obviously spoilers for those who haven't seen S2 and are concerned with such.

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Istari imprisoned in some trading card thing.  Wha...whahaha... hehh.  X*)
I'm particularly concerned for Dances With Gulls and Mr. "A Q-Tip Is So A Staff" there.

On a less cruel note, I totally want to hug Sylvester McCoy.  He is going to be a great Radagast.
(Curumo also tells me he's annoying, which bodes very well for his ability to portray Radagast.)

And on a completely awesome note, I was already aware that McKellan and McCoy appeared onstage as Lear and the Fool respectively a few years ago, but only recently did I realize PBS Great Performances has a free film version of it online.  AND it's directed by Trevor Nunn (I have a huge crush on Nunn's Feste, who plays a wee accordian and is also Ben Kingsley).  OMFGTNTLEVENTY.  I'm going to have to reread the play before watching it though.
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I've just finished going through my old youtube account to see what I should transfer to my better-organized new youtube account, and I ran into this clip.

1. I think Mr. Lee's short-term memory is a bit on the out?  Not that I'm judging, I'm like 1/3 his age and I left my keys in the front door the other day and a passing neighbor luckily alerted me instead of stealing them...
2. He mentions all five wizards BY NAME, you guys, even the Ithryn Luin.  Christopher Lee is the coolest Tolkien geek ever.
3. 1:25, when he says "Gandalf!" his expression is quite comical.
4. I love both Mr. Lee and the character he portrays, but I'm going to have to disagree with him about some points concerning Saruman:
  - Saruman was not "a good man" during the time of The Hobbit.  Not that he was necessarily "a bad man" either, but both statements would be oversimplifying things.
  - "Tolkien never explained, to the best of my knowledge, in any of the books, how it was that Saruman went [...] from good to evil."  Really?  Jealousy, power hunger, impatience, urge to prove himself, those all seem evident enough just from the trilogy, never mind the broader canon (not that I've given this more thought than a sane person would).


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