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You're almost halfway there huzzah!  How are all your novels coming along?  For that matter, if you are writing something this month that is unrelatd to NaNo, how is that coming along?

I am now including urchins as well as anemones in my sea pom category, as this clipart is cute:
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This year as every year, I envy and also totally do not envy your month-long undertaking.  Last year it came about that I wanted to cheer on those of you who are doing NaNo, but I didn't want to wave pom-poms (because, let's be real, can you see me waving pom-poms?)  So I began throwing sea poms anemones around instead.  In that tradition, have a cute little knitted fella to kick off your month of writing:

[image source]

Knitted Anemone believes in you and wants you to succeed!
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I meant to draw and post a motivational cartoon around mid-month, but (while you are all plugging away at multiple-thousand avg daily word counts) apparently this fairly simply task was beyond me.  So, with four or five days left to go depending where you live, I offer my admiration and encouragement of your endeavors in the form of more sea-poms.

Congrats to those who have already met their official word count and are continuing beyond that, and to those who aren't there yet, I know you'll get there.  I've been quite impressed with the progress I've seen you guys reporting on.

So have some more anemones, hell, have a whole bloody seascape:
Ah, screw it, have a starlet anemone, looking fabulous as always:
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I admire (and, in a way, envy--and, in still another way, envy not) those of you who have embarked upon NaNoWriMo this year, whether you be seasoned NaNo veterans or first-time participants.  I've never done NaNoWriMo myself and have little hope that I'll ever muster the motivation and energy.

I commented to Keiliss that I can't see myself waving pom-poms and therefore I ought to wave something pom-pom-like.  Since i want to offer my support to you all, here is the official Huinish equivalent of pom-poms.



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