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My topic: 100 Literary Characters Who Have Affected Me

Two years into the challenge and I'm already on post #3! Tremble in awe!
In the tag, I will be including the occasional "appendix" post as a shout-out to television/film characters whom I find personally meaningful for whatever reason. I was thinking of making those part of the challenge, but then I noticed that my topic as chosen two years ago was specifically literary characters. Just as well, really. The first literary character I blogged about was Bagheera, and already we have another sentient big cat coming down the pipe:

Ratha from Clare Bell's "Named" series )
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[Yes I am counting this as one of my defunct (delayed) 100 Things posts, my topic of choice having been "fictional characters who have affected me." If the pictures don't explain that sufficiently, we're probably not very well acquianted.]
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My topic: 100 Literary Characters Who Have Affected Me

At this rate, I will be finishing my 100 things 8 to 10 years from now.  As they say, slow and steady...ends up a pancake in the middle of the road. 
Continuing for now along a chronological vein, I find myself confronted with a more obscure character:

Will Parker of the 'Tripods' trilogy )
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My topic: 100 Literary Characters Who Have Affected Me

I was initially going to blog about a particular Shakespearean character, but realized I will be better off waiting, since I will doubtless have many more thoughts after portraying that character in one of my class finals.
So I thought back to early childhood: Who was the earliest character I was particularly fascinated by? ...

Bagheera )
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Instead of beginning the short paper I've been procrastinating upon for several weeks (a trend which will continue for at least a little longer this evening), I hereby engage myself in the 100 Things Blogging Challenge. Initially I didn't care to, but then I realized I totally have a topic.

{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

My topic: Literary Characters Who Have Affected Me.


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