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Welcome to the wrap-up, where I'm not linking to the original post because now it's done and I'm too lazy! hurrah!

Thank you very much to everyone who participated, whether it was by writing drabbles, ficlets, or using the opportunity to pick up an unfinished work. I was delighted to see the variety of work this spawned. I will likely host this little challenge again next June (and maybe make some banners or something y/y?)

Attn: I will make a round-up post of links to stories next week (8 Jul). If you would like your work(s) to be included in the round-up post, please do drop a link in the comments section below before then.
Multiple links are acceptable if you archive in multiple places (links to LJ, dA, etc. also cool).
[ETA - if someone does not have LJ but happened to write something for this, anon is now enabled so people who aren't registered on this site can comment here. I'd thought I had it enabled before, but no.]

ETA 2 - Behold, the shiny new AO3 collection! Do make use of this. Posting to the collection should be open now. Many thanks to Zdenka/[ profile] lignota for doing most of the work involved in setting this up.
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Welcome to week 4 (challenge details here yadda yadda)! We still have a week until July 1st, so we're not off the hook yet. I'm excited that finished stories have appeared on the scene!
Discussion in comments, if so desired. Woes, gloating, links to your stories? Optional discussion topic for all: Are there ways in which your writing has changed since around this time last year--in terms of writing style, themes, plot devices, characters, or whatever else? Go!
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A slightly belated welcome to the third week of this here.

Have another update/progress/discussion post thing. Any progress in your writing, frustrations, new plot bunnies? Feel free to gab. General discussion question (all welcome, participants or otherwise): Are there particular characters you tend to victimize select more frequently as subject matter when writing sad, scary, or otherwise not-lighthearted stories? or particular groups/settings/time periods? Put another way, are there certain characters who just can't seem to catch a break from you in your fanworks?
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Welcome to the second week of this thing!

How is everyone doing? Discussion, writers' angst, other stuff? Put it in this thread!

Also, discussion topic: Do you have music you're using or plan to use as inspiration for your stories or mood music during your writing process? This question extends to anyone, whether you are participating in the challenge or no: What are some songs, or types of music, that get you in the right mood for writing sorrowful or doomful fiction (or making art of the same nature)? Links or lyrics welcome!
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I bid you welcome to June of Doom & Gloom. I am in a hurry, so details may be found here.

Anyone who likes is free to post discussion/venting/bragging/whatever in this post. I will make weekly posts for this purpose.

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Friendly vaguely sinister reminder that my laid-back angst/darkfic/generally-not-very-happy Tolkien fanworks challenge begins June 1st. See this post for details.

i will inflict a kickoff post at the beginning of June--possibly on the 2nd, as I will be traveling on the 1st.
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Feel free to signal boost this post if you think anyone in your circles would be interested.  I will post a reminder nearer the end of May.

What: A laid-back challenge to produce Tolkien fanfic (or fanart) of a doomy and/or gloomy flavor during the month of June.

When: Any time during June.

Where: On your LJ, archive(s), or wherever else you post your writing/art.

Why: Because I am self-serving and want to motivate myself to write/read more Tolkien fic. Why not?

Who: You, if you want. Or not you, if you'd rather not.

How: There are no official rules, deadlines, or other things that would cramp our doomy and gloomy style. The criteria are highly subjective (see "What is this doom and gloom you speak of?"). I will endeavor to host weekly update/chit-chat/rant posts on my LJ. That is all.

What is this doom and gloom you speak of? I believe this varies a lot depending on the person. It probably goes without saying that the unmitigatedly fluffy or optimistic is not what this challenge is about, but aside from that it's subjective. If you rarely create or read/view dark and/or angsty fanworks, something mildly sinister may be pushing the envelope for you. Others among you may be comfortable writing perfectly ghastly and depressing things. Just follow your heart, such as it is.

Questions, concerns, bribes? Comment here! } =)
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So I think I meant to try and solidify plans for this...well, quite a while ago...since it seemed there was some interest: I proposed the idea in January during the Fandom Snowflake Challenge (bit of discussion in comments).
Then I forgot about it.
So now I want to gauge again whether there's still interest. What better way to retain my tenuous grip on Tolkien-fic than by hosting a low-key challenge that generally fits my inclinations? =P

This pretty much sums it up:
- The theme would be anything that's overall dark/grim/horrific/sad, but it's up to you as an author to decide what fits. Mileage varies on what one considers dark (Melkor only knows I'd set the bar on that way too high--or low, if you will--if I tried to define what 'dark' is).
- No other rules, deadlines, contests, or anything of that sort; just a casual challenge that people may write for at any time during the month of June. I would host occasional update/discussion posts much like [ profile] aliana1 did for her 2013 Bechdel Test Challenge. That would be the extent of formalities.
- I'm still liking the name "Doom in June," but I googled it just now and it's also the name of some metal festival \m/. Anyone familiar with copyright thingies; could using the same name for a casual fannish writing thing potentially call an Issue down upon me or other participants?


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