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You first got my attention in the early 2000s by portraying my future favorite literary character in the Lord of the Rings film trilogy--to that end, the snowballing effect of your acting on my life has been tremendous--,but what I will remember you most fondly for is your love of music and your contribution thereto. I am proud of you for pursuing this passion during the latter years of your life.

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Welcome to the second week of this thing!

How is everyone doing? Discussion, writers' angst, other stuff? Put it in this thread!

Also, discussion topic: Do you have music you're using or plan to use as inspiration for your stories or mood music during your writing process? This question extends to anyone, whether you are participating in the challenge or no: What are some songs, or types of music, that get you in the right mood for writing sorrowful or doomful fiction (or making art of the same nature)? Links or lyrics welcome!


May. 5th, 2013 03:13 pm
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Guys, does anyone else here like Alt-J?  Because I'm totally obsessed with their album An Awesome Wave these past few weeks.

This is a live performance they did for a Seattle radio station.  I think it includes most of the songs from the album.  I listen to this a ridiculous number of times while working on stuff.

"Breezeblocks" was the first song of theirs I heard, and I love everything about it.  It's quirky and energizing and wistful and rich all at once.
"Fitzpleasure" doesn't interest me so much lyrics-wise, although there's some delightful wordplay in it, but I love the beat and instrumentation so much I can't even tell you.
"Taro" is really gorgeous and sad and transcendent. [ profile] aliana1, if you're lurking about, you should know that somehow this song immediately reminded me of your 'verse.  =)
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I'm under the distinct impression that everyone who uses Grooveshark hates this song because Grooveshark uses it in an ad or something, but I'm not familiar with Grooveshark.  So I love this song.  And I love the music video, it's clever and the color scheme is very soothing to me.  And the legend it's based on (in the video info if one clicks through to youtube).  All of it is good and nothing hurts. 

My two current victims POV characters, Gríma and Berúthiel, seem to like it too, for different reasons.
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This piece of music is very pretty.  Now a novel and pleasant change of pace, as I don't listen to "pretty" music much these days.  It used to be the only kind of music I deigned to listen to.

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Something I've been wondering about, and maybe my google-fu is incredibly weak or everyone is just supposed to know what this song is but:
WTH was the song playing at both the start (Greece) and the end of the parade of nations at the Olympic Opening Ceremonies?  It was awesome.

ETA - This! 
Thanks, [ profile] bunn, for finding the title on wikipedia. X)

This is the kind of song I need in the morning (or at least it's less creepy than listening to Rammstein's 'Mein Teil' in the morning).
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- Take a song people usually interpret as being about a romantic relationship.
- Interpret instead as a relationship between the finite/mortal and the universe/deity/ultimate/what-have-you.
- Note improvement in song.


Dec. 28th, 2011 02:39 pm
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I don't suppose the elusive Windfall Genie would care to drop $44 in my lap right about now?

I recently encountered something like this played live. To hear it, I totally perceived myself as an optic nerve of the godhead. Or something.
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'Fairy Tale,' as heard on Shaman's 2003 album RituAlive.
He feels the need to toy with the audience for about two minutes before starting the song and I kind of wish he wouldn't do that hair flip thing, but other than that it's a brilliant performance.

I personally deem that this song does two notable things:
- Is worlds above and beyond the studio version of the same song (which is found on their 2002 album Ritual--not that I'm saying the studio version is bad, because it isn't).
-Is just generally the best live song I've ever heard. I love the violin and the arrangement in general, and the thing is full of weighty, delightful pauses.

My icon is from the cover of another of their albums.


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