Aug. 28th, 2012 12:01 pm
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Had a bunch of rather unfortunate dreams last night (and I was in a really good mood yesterday, if bizarrely tired, go figure).  One involved an unadvisable flight of fancy concerning an absolutely unsalvageable situation, at which point I became semi-lucid and said to myself, "Well, this must be a dream and my subconscious must be processing this because I know better than to think about it when I'm awake."  Meta.
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- Project Clean And Organize All The Things continues.  The project has been extended to All The Computer Files as well.  I need to spring for an actual mop.  I broke the plastic-and-foam-blob the dollar store provided, sewed it back together with yarn and a tapestry needle, broke it again, and the floor still isn't mopped enough. 

- Messaging a bunch of people I want/need to maintain contact with.  Today is also Pretense At Social Networking Day.

- Continuing the cheery dream trend, this early morning's foray into Imro's realm involved a table, a lion, and a guy with a crowbar.

- I'm liking the 'convert to MP3' Firefox add-on for Youtube!

- A nifty article on the usefulness of fanfiction.  Passing it on from [livejournal.com profile] lindahoyland's LJ.
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..so this morning, when I wake up remembering a dream, what would it happen to be about?

B2MEM prompts.  And writing a response to them.


It was actually kinda cool.  My slumbering brain made up about four prompts and thought of a brief thing to write in response to them, and then wrote it.  Brevity has been an issue of mine this month, so it was pleasant that in the dream I came up with a ~400-word thing about -something-, and from several disparate characters' viewpoints, too.  I wish I could remember what the piece actually centered around, but Gandalf and Orc viewpoints were both involved.  o_o
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I had a dream about citrus fruit last night, more specifically about those phenomena which are referred to in this part of the world with equal frequency as "cuties" or "mandarins."

I do not much care for fruit in general. I don't think it tastes bad per se, but somehow unnerving. I woke up direly wanting citrus fruit. Perhaps my physiology is trying to get my attention?


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