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Soon I shall hopefully be remembering to make the 9pm toast to the Professor, on his birthday. This being so close to the new year, it seems a good occasion for reflection upon some fannish stuff.

- I have not been very good about supporting my fellow tertiary-world writers this past year. Some people probably know I had a sort of fannish meltdown closer to the start of 2014, right around the time I was also a B2MeM mod, didn't fulfill my B2MeM writing prompt and pulled only minimal moderatorly duties, etc. This general trend largely persisted throughout the year, due to a comination of RL and discovering what my limits are as far as attempting to participate in fandom outside of LJ and the SWG. It's too late to go back and amend that, but I hope to do a bit better in 2015.

- For almost as long as I can remember, I've had characters living in my head. Sometimes they have almost literally been all I had. They used to be my own characters invented from scratch. Since 2007, they've been my versions of Tolkien's (usually minor) characters. Though in a way these are still my own, my precious, and I'm sure I have used them in ways he would not always have condoned, I owe their existence to this now-deceased pipe-smoking philologist. Even though I haven't written much this year, they are always there, having adventures and mishaps I've yet to put down in words, grudingly channeling my interests and emotions in appropriate symbolic ways that help me to maintain my outward sanity, and sometimes offering instructive thoughts on how to better myself (or serving as unhappy exemplars of what not to do).

- I'm not precisely the hugest Jackson!film fan these days, but I have Peter Jackson's particular brand of fannishness and its results to even thank for the fact that I'm thanking the Professor now. I saw all three of the first trilogy in the theatres with an esrtwhile boyfriend. Thankfully, that philanderer is long gone from my life, but technically, the films are not, since they first prompted me to read the books (which I admittedly found to be very slow going the first time around). Due to Sir Lee's portrayal, the subtleties of which did not escape me, I was a Saruman sympathizer before I even read the books; to be perfectly frank, I'd found out about the character's pre-wizard history via the interwebs well before I even read up to the point where he actually appears in The Two Towers (I think I read TTT in 2005 or so). This probably explains, well, a lot, come to think of it.
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Feel free to signal boost this post if you think anyone in your circles would be interested.  I will post a reminder nearer the end of May.

What: A laid-back challenge to produce Tolkien fanfic (or fanart) of a doomy and/or gloomy flavor during the month of June.

When: Any time during June.

Where: On your LJ, archive(s), or wherever else you post your writing/art.

Why: Because I am self-serving and want to motivate myself to write/read more Tolkien fic. Why not?

Who: You, if you want. Or not you, if you'd rather not.

How: There are no official rules, deadlines, or other things that would cramp our doomy and gloomy style. The criteria are highly subjective (see "What is this doom and gloom you speak of?"). I will endeavor to host weekly update/chit-chat/rant posts on my LJ. That is all.

What is this doom and gloom you speak of? I believe this varies a lot depending on the person. It probably goes without saying that the unmitigatedly fluffy or optimistic is not what this challenge is about, but aside from that it's subjective. If you rarely create or read/view dark and/or angsty fanworks, something mildly sinister may be pushing the envelope for you. Others among you may be comfortable writing perfectly ghastly and depressing things. Just follow your heart, such as it is.

Questions, concerns, bribes? Comment here! } =)
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I was kind of pleasantly surprised at some of my placings, especially considering I have not been really active in the community this year.  I'm posting this banner because it's pretty, and I'm too sleepy to post specific banners (although the Saruman one is awesome).  Thank you for the vote of confidence or somesuch, and a hearty congratulations to everyone.

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Those of you to whom this is relevant are probably quite aware already, but I haven't been pulling my weight in the fandom lately so the least I can do is make an obligatory post on this.

The LotR G-fic community is holding its second annual Tree and Flower fic awards.  The master list of nominated stories by category can be found here.  All stories are hosted at the Many Paths to Tread archive.  If you've got the time and inclination, go read some nice fic and cast some votes.  ETA - Voting is now open.

Thanks  )
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1. Voting is still open for about seven more hours to determine (barring more ties?) the overall winner of the first Tree & Flower awards of the Many Paths to Tread Tolkien fic archive.  I'm pleased that a story I nominated made it to this final round.  Vote here.

2. Congratulations to everybody whose stories were nominated or placed!  See the winning story list here.

3. Thank you to those who nominated and cast votes for my work.  Finduileorn is always happy for recognition, while Saruman is predictably irritated by being made a spectacle of.
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I seem to recall that last spring I blithely intimated that I had many longer fanfic works I planned to read this summer.

Unfortunately my summer is gone in three days, and I didn't read any of the things I'd planned to read. 

Apologies to those of you whose novels/novellas/novelettes I meant to read but did not.  It's nothing to do with you/your characters/your writing/whatnot.  Something happened on my end with my mind just not cooperating and being on other things (or not on things at all). 
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Now I feel like a tool for not having made Tree and Flower nominations yet on lotrgfic.  I've been orbiting in space for quite a while now in many senses (not quite literally just yet, but one can hope). 
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"The Bard's Song," Blind Guardian.

Corny but true, n'est-ce pas?
'Cause the bards' songs will remain
They all will remain
In my thoughts and in my dreams
They're always in my mind
These songs of hobbits, dwarves and men
And elves
Come close your eyes
You can see them, too


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