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I was trying to post this hours ago but Livejournal was being a tool and not letting me.  VOTER SUPPRESSION GRR.

isriana:<br /><br />Seriously, Gandalf can be the President of the whole world as far as I’m concerned.<br />

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Those who know me reasonably well probably know who I'm voting against, but my only commentary is nonpartisan and also lacks respect for anybody.
I have spoken. )
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For the most part, I have Other Things to Post About.  On the occasion that I do post something political or divisively ideological, I shall offer up this advisory:
1. I lean left. Very.
2. I don't keep this journal for the sake of arguments, which can be found in many places on the internet, so parties who feel they may wish to argue are advised to not click on my political cuts.


A response I find hilarious and germane. )
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I saw this textbook sitting in one of the restroom cubbies today:

Because my sense of humor sometimes resembles Adult Swim (which no one realizes except people who know me rather well), all I could think when I saw this cover was this noble representative of the Accipitridae saying: "I'm an eagle, m***er****ers! Do your calculus!"
Because, I mean, really, it's random enough that an eagle should appear on a calculus textbook at all.
Though to be fair, it was Calculus for Biological Sciences or somewhat.


For French class, we don French names for our skits. I named myself Clarice at the beginning of the semester. I'm not sure it's strictly French, but it sounds really cool if one pronounces it like it is. And yes, I was thinking what you probably think I'm thinking. I really need to figure out how to say, "Have the lambs stopped screaming?"


Tomorrow I get to lend myself to the Occupy! movement for a few hours.
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One of the textbooks my tutees use in their course contains the following image, a political cartoon about the railroad monopoly in the late 1800's. When I took the course myself, I was repeatedly drawn to ogle the bizarre and rather Lovecraftian picture (icon doesn't do it justice):

'The Curse of California.'

I recently showed the picture to the group and asked them if they've read any Lovecraft, and proceeded to extol Innsmouth and Cthulhu very briefly. One of them asked something about whether Lovecraft had written a particular economic treatise. Bless them, they stay on topic even when my inner geek makes a bold attempt to usurp the situation.

Evidently the sea monster<-->railroad monopoly device was popular.


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