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In contrast to the past three years, in 2015 I succeed in both starting AND finishing stories. To mark this unlikely occurrence, and since the resulting stories were archived in two different places and in different forms (some stand-alone, some anthologized), I have made an index of my B2MeM 2015 works:

Angandil's Strange Evening. Angandil, chief of Saruman’s crebain, witnesses the Nine pay a visit to Isengard.
Closest to my heart, as it were, of the stuff I wrote this year, not least because I'm working on finishing another story with a scene that takes place shortly after this.

A Bear There Was, A Bear, A Bear. Upon his waking at Cuiviénen, Morcondil meets the love of his life. Imin is not amused.
This was meant to be cracky, but it is also a morality fable about acceptance and narrow-mindedness.

The Day We Met Master Salizidûd. An Elf, a Dwarf, and an Orc commiserate over a failed business deal.
Total crack. Very well-recieved crack. You people have issues.

The Doggerland Skull. Two academics discuss a recently-excavated prehistoric skeleton.
My first contemporary fic. Also my first epistolary fic. Also my first illustrated fic, so to speak.

It Shall Be Cloudy Come Afternoon. As war presses in from the north, a woman of Cardolan meets a strange friend in the downs.
This is the most romantic thing I've written (of course that's all relative). It could also be the most romanticist thing I've written. A bit atypical of me, but with one of my signature weird metaphysics things.

Silmarachnis. Melkor, with the aide of the creature Ungoliant, seeks to bring ruin upon Two Trees Spider Farms and the rogue spider farmer Fëanáro in one fell swoop.
Contemporary AU about spider breeding. Crack and humor, but also drama because I got way more invested in this than was meant to happen.

Also, a crass observation:
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ETA - Here's the numbers for March, so that I can throw out the stupid piece of paper: )


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