May. 29th, 2015

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So, it's almost June, therefore I am compiling an FAQ about 'We're Sorry, Celebrimbor' Month. If anyone has additional questions, comment or message with them and I will add them!  :)

- How long does this challenge run?
For the entire month of June, 2015.

- Do I have to sign up?
Nope. This is very laid back. Do what you can/like, when you can.

- What sort of fanworks are acceptable?
Whatever you can come up with!--fic, art, crafts, vids, filk, etc.

- Where do I post my work when it's done?
Wherever you usually like to post it!
Here on my LJ, I will do an opening post, a mid-month post, and a closing post for updates, chit-chat, and whatnot. You are very welcome to link to your work in any of those posts, but that's not required.

- Do I get anything if I participate?
You get the pride of a job well done. The job being Not Being Unspeakably Cruel To Celebrimbor. Which may actually be a rather difficult job.

- Are you aware that there is an Easterling Appreciation Week the first week of June?
Yes. A splendid idea!

- What if I try to write something not-bad happening to Celebrimbor, but bad things start happening anyway?
An understandable predicament. I suppose there are a few options:
A. If the story goes downhill, it could be broken into chapters and the earlier chapters could count for the challenge (or if it goes uphill, the later chapters could count).
B. "Try, try again"
C. "This challenge is not working for me at this time"
D. Really it's between you and your conscience how much bad can befall Celebrimbor in the course of an apology. There can be no light without darkness, etc. etc. That said, if the entire story was filled with remorse and torment, that would seem to miss the point.

- Do I need a LiveJournal to participate?
Nope! If you lack a LiveJournal account but would like to comment or link to your work in one of my posts, anonymous comments should be enabled (please identify yourself when using this feature). That being said, getting a LiveJournal account is free and easy.


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